Fashionable sandals

Every year in warm season, mainly in spring, women try to replenish your wardrobe with new shoes type sandals. The problem of proper selection of the desired patterns of the many presents presented do not bypass any of the fair sex. Today designers have developed a number of original models of summer shoes for different situations.

Fashionable sandals

Daily style

Sandals daily consumption represent a model for high and comfortable sole, wedge heel. These are sandals from Repo, they are cute and original, made in Italy on high-quality equipment. These shoes are often decorated with applied flowers, straps, woven elements in the form of flagella.

Style evening option

Sandals for parties given special attention. Most of these models inherent heel unusual shape. Sandals such plan does not remain unnoticed at the party, they can be attributed to exclusive designs. Very popular are models with wickerwork pieces of skin. Lacing is here presented in the traditional version, and not from separate straps. In individual models such lacing is in many places at the same time.

Fashionable sandals

Brutal luxury

In fashion bright and extravagant sandals. The main leader in this direction is the shoes with expensive elements. Here you can see numerous crystals, gilded frame, shiny base.

Fashionable sandals

Fashionable sandals

Retro style

Now in fashion retro style. This applies to summer shoes, sandals have quite a high heel with a broad base. Models of this type were popular in the 70’s.

Fashionable sandals

Sandals for the beach

No summer is complete without a Shoe. Most relevant in this season are sandals without a heel, smooth sole. These shoes can be bright colors and shades, which is decorated with volumetric elements in the form of brooches, flowers, bows.

Sandals sport

Plan a summer sports shoes are very often bought by modern women, but increasingly, they lead a very active lifestyle. In such shoes you can run, jump, rest on the nature. Here there are vivid details, color.

Of course, modern women have a great opportunity and a huge selection of summer shoes, focusing on any trends in fashion, any style and different material possibilities. Every woman will find such a variety of samples presented your option, suitable for her style and appropriate atmosphere.

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