Fashionable retro swimsuits-2017

In recent years there has been a real boom of retro style. Stylish and fashionable retro swimsuits will definitely appeal to those girls who are tired of the same type of stamped models, which in large numbers are present in the market.

Buying retro swimsuit, you will surely be able to stand out from the crowd, look original, and even attract attention to your perfect figure. The silhouette of this swimsuit is quite common, but also very feminine and even sexy. In addition, the swimwear in retro style will be a real boon for owners of lush figures.

Retro swimwear can also be divided into several types:

Indoor swimsuit

A swimsuit is slightly narrowed just above the waist, it is called a swimsuit style pin-up. Such models are suitable for those women who dream that we will be able to feel the same way as film stars of the forties of the last century. In this model, with corset lines will be vague waist and bust line. Most of the bathing suits are short skirts and original neckline with a square or heart shaped. The most popular colours are the stripes and peas, and floral print. However, you can opt for pastel or bright colours.

Separate swimwear

When a two-piece soon appeared, they were quite closed and chastity. Therefore, these models are suitable rather modest girls. At the same time in these swimsuits present cups push-up or gel. Another feature of retro swimwear are high melting. They can hide some imperfections of your figure, such as stretch marks and scars, and also will be able to pull up the excess volume in the abdomen and hips.

Fashionable retro swimsuits-2017

Swimsuit in the style of «bandeau»

This model appeared at a time when fashion became a thin figure. Bandeau bra can not adjust the chest, it slightly it will cover. Therefore, there is no need to all kinds of straps, can be limited to only thin straps or one shoulder straps over the neck, which would be little to hold such a bra. She has a rather decorative function. Panties this model also can be quite open.

Fashionable retro swimsuits-2017

Fashionable retro swimsuits-2017

Selecting any model of retro swimwear, you should remember that its complement must also specific retro accessories. You can pick out an elegant straw hat or a handkerchief, a big beach bag, sunglasses in bright-rimmed models of cat-eye and also wedges. Retro makeup is allowable bright lips and hands.

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