Fashionable raincoats from «YUKO-Selena»

Everyone always wants to look fashionable, elegant in any season. The company «YUKO-Selena» offers us a new and fresh collection of season spring-summer, which is unusual and independent clothing options. Their coats are made exclusively from natural fabrics, based on cotton, flax and striking in its exclusivity. Women with a great desire and inspiration wears clothes decorated with this season’s accessories, and décor. The developers of this collection are proud to see their models on known to all individuals, representatives of popular music.

The company «YUKO-Selena» specializiruetsya in sewing clothes for women of all sizes. Their cloaks will help hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of all shapes. Clothes of this brand looks amazing on any girl. Caring about their reputation, «YUKO-Selena» sews cloaks of impeccable quality, they are distinguished by the evenness and clarity of the lines, luxurious decoration, floor is weak in them looks incredibly elegant and mysterious. Coats of this manufacturer have a distinctive cut and individual style, which is markedly different from other clothing manufacturers. The originality and uniqueness of this collection makes it a winner one and only.

New spring clothes this season has a wide range of colors and shades, which are represented by different options ranging from clean and classic white, and ending with the calm muted pastel tones. Embroidery available on almost every cloak, in truth, beautiful. «YUKO-Selena» is engaged in manufacturing as coats and jackets, designed for cool and windy weather. This clothing offers the convenience and comfort, practical and very beautiful, it is any woman looks young, trendy, feminine and unconventional. Natural fabrics give you the opportunity to feel calm and confident, because such fabrics can warm in cool weather and cooling in hot, the body is able to «breathe».

The latest collection «YUKO-Selena» is different numerous styles and different length. The most fashionable in this season the skirt is in the form of palosanto will emphasize all the charm of the figure, paying particular attention to the waist. Very fashionable, unique and rich look of the model coats and jackets with stand-up collar. Clothing of different lengths will satisfy the most fastidious persons, each of them will choose your option, the jacket will be knee length or it is shortened version. Clasp buttons may also be presented as a traditional symmetry and asymmetric models. Cloak you can pick up free or on the contrary, fitted tailoring.

Especially can be said about the elements of embroidery and decoration: they can be located almost anywhere, as along the edge of the hem and on one side of the Cape, on the sleeves or on one of the sides. The company has its own page on the Internet where you can find a wonderful and bright model of knitwear in the warm seasons.

The clothing company «YUKO-Selena» is able to make any woman irresistible, sophisticated and unique.

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