Fashionable pantsuits peplum – 2017

Fashionable pantsuits peplum – 2017

Choosing the right clothing can fix the aspect ratio of your figure. Therefore, the become so popular women’s pant suits, complemented with a peplum. Peplum is called a small piece of fabric sewn to the jacket. Such a simple solution can perfectly emphasize your waist and hide wide hips and can also add volume to the hips.


Pantsuit is a wardrobe staple that is always fashionable. It provided a wide scope for the imagination of fashion designers who have experimented fully with their cuts, fabrics and color.

A suit in the French style can make any girl more graceful and elegant. Basically sew a peplum at the hips. This technique creates a beautiful silhouette resembling the hourglass. These styles are suitable for girls with a fragile figure, because the frill is able to create the appearance of hips. However, and girls with curvaceous this style will fit, the lower will fall the peplum, the better it will be able to hide those extra pounds. This will contribute also such little thing as bright seams, asymmetrical cut jacket and large buttons.

Choosing a suit with a peplum, girls with type figure Apple should pay attention to the flared trousers. And the owners of the figure type pear should choose a model with a drape in the chest to distract attention from the hips. For girls with a perfect figure to hide it behind ruffles should not be.

You can find several types of the Basques: classic ruffles in several rows, folds and waves. It should be noted that ruffles can decorate and jacket and pants.

Casual and office models pants suit separates slim strict cut, as well as suiting or tweed.

Evening options may be less restrained: the blazers can have an interesting style, and the pants can be flared. These jackets are made from fine fabrics like lace, silk, velvet or satin.

The choice of fabric for the manufacture of such a costume, first of all, is dictated by the season. Summer and spring will look very good the costume from chiffon, lace or silk. Autumn is often used such fabrics as cashmere, wool or suiting.

Very popular lately are the combined models with suede or leather, velvet and knitwear, cashmere, and satin. Such combinations are able to create very stylish looks.


Very popular this season are the costumes, made in pastel colors: sand, cream, beige or subdued shades of green, blue and Burgundy. Relevant are the costumes black and white costumes will be able to refresh the complexion. Often suits with peplum is made of solid materials, however sometimes they can be decorated with the print. The most popular prints are abstract, vegetal, and geometric patterns. But animal print will look on some of the costumes quite challenging.

With what mix?

Such a feminine and elegant thing as a pant suit with peplum, need and apply accordingly. Clothes should be worn with dignity and let loose a bit. This will be able to help, for example, draped over the neck of the scarf.

All women’s pantsuits are a classic garment, which you need to pick the appropriate shoes. Before the summer models choose elegant sandals or pumps, and to warmer costumes fit elegant ankle or heel. Elegance this image can add a fashionable scarf-a Snood or a wide-brimmed hat.

The bag should be selected based on the overall style of the image. Casual outfits will look good with a big bag over his shoulder, and in business style would be more appropriate bag to severe forms. If you in this costume I decided to go to the party, we will be adding a small elegant clutch.

The perfect completion of your image will be jewelry. Here you can experiment with earrings, bracelets and rings. However, don’t overdo it. Do not use large accessories that can visually enhance your image. Also, focus on the appearance of your costume: bright décor, a suit should complement the decorations at all, but the harsh way they will be able to decorate.

Wear suits with peplum only the soldiers and wear them under blouses, shirts or bags.

Stylish images

Elegant pantsuit with pleats, wide peplum and sleeveless can make the waist thinner, hips wider. Luscious lilac is a great choice for tanned brunette with long hair. The highlight of this costume will be white collar in combination with white stylish shoes on high heels together with tight pants will show your slim long legs.

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