Fashionable mutton fur – 2017

Mouton fur is a leader among economy class. This fur is very high quality and it is very appreciated fashion designers are constantly creating this fur new original models of classic coats. This season was also presented mutton fur in the most original and trendy variations.

Mouton is sheep’s clothing, which was subjected to special treatment. This treatment allowed the fur to become soft and plastic, so they made it possible to sew non-standard, but very feminine coats. The quality of Mouton has been known for several centuries, it perfectly protects you from wind and cold, besides, he has amazing durability.

Styles and models

The plasticity and smoothness of this fur gives you the opportunity to use current fashion styles. That is why mutton fur this season presented literally for every taste.

First of all, demand the classical model mutton fur. Due to the high quality of this fur, this coat can be worn for years and the classic styles of fashion will not ever.

Also demand shorter model capable of generating a silhouette «hourglass». They fell in love with many women.

The craze for the New Look style, which perfectly highlights the slim figure, not ignored and mutton fur.

Particularly well will look like a combination of several types of fur. If fringe cuffs, the hood, the luxurious collar made of fluffy fur, your fur coat can turn into a real work of art.

Designers also take into account the plasticity of the fur, and they even create an unusual coat style oversayz. A bit narrowed down loose pattern with dropped shoulders and wide sleeves simple coats today are at the peak of its popularity.

Fashion this season mutton fur can also be like a fur coat. They keep their shape and are able to emphasize the advantages of your figure. They fit in perfectly in a modern urban style.

Modern technology is able to do Mouton a light and soft fur, which is curly and laser hawk will give a special texture. Mouton is also perfectly painted. This season the trend is not boring dark color, and coats in different colors.

In a fashion all shades of red from crimson to ruby, blue and purple. These colors match perfectly with the velvety smooth texture of this fur.

But if you prefer subtle elegance, you can choose coat pastel shades from pearl grey to soft cream. This coat will look noble and strictly.

Also this season, fashion designers couldn’t resist the prints. Hit of the season became predatory prints, such as Puma or leopard.

The most fashionable models

Designers have offered us a variety of models mutton coats, but especially fashion will be offered two options.

•Original classic. This decision can be called a model, because this coat is able to last for more than one year.

Affordable prices for mutton fur will allow you to choose the right model.

•Also this season will be good fur a-line silhouette in a vintage style. This coat is able to complement any image, because it is made in a dynamic urban style. Particularly interesting will look these rollers with the finish.

This season these coats complement any fluffy fur from sable to Fox.

Styling also includes plain bourgeois that came to us from Europe, where ostentatiously expensive fur coats have long been considered bad taste.

Only on special occasions women wear these expensive furs, because they, like diamonds, are considered to be a symptom of a certain age.

Therefore, if you decide to choose a stylish fur coat, you just get in the trend, because you can look much younger than their years.

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