Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

You will help original and impressive to look fashionable long jacketswithout sleeves. Among the variety of models and colors you are sure to find the most suitable one for you.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Before choosing a model, you should see some long jackets without sleeves and what they are best to wear.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017


•Classic. This model of jacket along the length reaches mid-thigh. This jacket will be indispensable in business style, it may also be appropriate for an informal business dinner.

This sleeveless jacket classic black, gray, brown or purple can successfully replace the classic office blazer. Under it you can safely wear a light blouse.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

•Model with round or V-neck can make your look very sexy. This is because this neckline draws attention to your Breasts and will highlight the line of your neck.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

•A fitted, sleeveless jacket. This model will favorably emphasize your figure. To create the effect of an hourglass, some fashion designers at the rear provide a model zone that will help you to adjust your waist line.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

•Jacket without collar. This season, such a model is relevant again. These jackets can be decorated with buttons or sew-in pockets.

•Knitted jackets, made from thick threads, it will be invaluable for you in the cold season.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

•Knitted jackets, made of fine yarns, such as cotton, will be indispensable for the summer.


Designers offer us a huge range of models of elongated sleeveless jackets of different colors. For a casual style best suited beige, or pastel-colored jackets. They are best combined with light clothes of your basic wardrobe. If you like long walks around the city, complete your look with footwear without heels.

For office style more suited to these jackets of white or black. They will be able to replace strict office jacket.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

If you prefer bright colors, choose long jackets without sleeves in pink or yellow.

The model of jacket of any shade of yellow color is best to choose light fabrics as they are more suited for the summer. It should be of at least parts of other colors. So it’s best to combine a yellow sleeveless jacket with clothing from your basic wardrobe, which is made in white color. For example, will be perfectly combined with yellow jacket, white skirt, shirt or lightweight top. In some cases, you will look great even blue jeans.

Also perfectly will be with him look white t-shirt and cotton pants. Do not overload this way with unnecessary details. It would be appropriate only bag and sunglasses.

Has always been considered a gorgeous deep green color. Looks very nice fashionable green leather jacket from Yves Saint Laurent that is sure to make its owner a star.

In addition, always the actual red color, so you can opt for red long sleeveless jacket, but do not forget about the rule of three colors.

Best combination of red color with black and white. It is considered a classic and are suitable for every stylish woman.

Freshness to your outfit can give a blue color. In order to look in this stylish, choose shoes the same color as the jacket.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

What to wear with elongated sleeveless jacket?

For the image with elongated sleeveless jacket best suited high-heeled shoes.

Also very original, this jacket will look great with the dress-a-line or dress-case.

To create a good street image, you’ll be able to get a white shirt and black skirt. But to complement this way can a little pouch on the strap and the shoes to go low.

Good allies to the long jackets will be the shorts. In the summer they should be made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. In winter you can pick up a warm woolen shorts. It is best to choose a classic or flared shorts, shorts with a high waist.

A bold choice would be short tops. In combination with extra-long jackets sleeveless street style, they will look just perfect.

For office safe bet would be a pencil skirt. The key point is that it was a little longer or shorter than the jacket, otherwise they will simply merge.

Will suit long jacket long skirt or dress. In the summer they can even be printed. Combine them with shoes with high heels.

What can be combined longline sleeveless jacket?

Long jacket will look very stylish, if properly combined with other things. You’ll look poorly if you combine it with:

•clothes in sports style.

•bright jacket with bright things, let your jacket be the main focus in your image;

•clothes with a deep neckline, in this way you will look ridiculous.

Stylish images

For fall perfect jacket is gray with two slots. If you want to look harmonious and very stylish, use a combination of white and black, for example, wear black shorts and a white turtleneck. This ensemble will perfectly complement the Burgundy leather bag and suede thigh boots with high heels.

If you want to look brighter, choose a red jacket. Also will be adding black and white colors. This time it is best to choose a white t-shirt and also skinny jeans in black. To complement the image of the bag silver color and patent leather shoes with high thick heels.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Milky long jacket, decorated with fur, it is best to look with a black longsleeve and skinny jeans blue color.

Fashionable long jacket sleeveless – 2017

Fashionable cardigan pistachio color, decorated with black buttons, will look great with mom-jeans with a leather belt a knitted sweater the color of Heather, and white top.

Very stylish you will look in black and white color scheme. Elongated black trapeze dress combined with a white wool jacket. In this form you can go to the theater, and secular party. To complete this image can black clutch bag and sandals with laces, made of leather.

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