Fashionable leather Bolero – 2017

Fashionable leather Bolero – 2017

Sometimes we to complete our image lacks one small detail. For this perfect the right combination of a fashionable Bolero. Bolero leather may be suitable not only for the images in casual style, but also for stylish evening outfits.


Bolero is the upper clothes of open style, has no buckles. Most often its length above the waist, so it is also sometimes referred to as a short jacket. Of course, this is the common name of this element of the female wardrobe, because different models may look quite different and have not provided for. For example, some models of Bolero can be buttons or a zipper.

First, Bolero came to us from a Spanish suit, but it currently does not carry any ethnic traits.

Also in the Bolero there is no definite style, because it is used to create both everyday and formal, business or youth images. Leather things are special, a little daring spirit, even if you wear them with elegant dresses. This season leather is one of the main trends. It is also an excellent material, capable to protect from the evening chill. No matter when, whether it natural leather or synthetic leather.

Also Bolero is most often used for the correction. Puffed sleeves decorated with flounces, able to draw attention to your narrow shoulders, or hide the flaws of your hands and the length Bolero jacket will accentuate the waist.


Often different Bolero models differ in their sleeves. They can be as long and ¾ or short, plus they can have very unusual shapes, such as lanterns or wings. And some models may not have sleeves, and then the Bolero will look like a short vest.

Furthermore, Bolero can differ by the absence or presence of fasteners. As the fasteners may be buttons or hooks. Can be supplemented Bolero well as turndown collar or stand collar, and a collar, which fades into the lapels. Also the collar of the Bolero may not be at all. Can Bolero models differ among themselves by form boards, which can be straight, semi-circular or asymmetric.

Leather Bolero itself is an active element, so it is not necessary to decorate it with some decorative elements. However, on some models, it may be the decor as stitches, metal items, embroidery or rhinestones.

If Bolero is made of leather, most often it is black or brown. Of course, such models are more versatile, but there are also colored and dressy models, such as pink, turquoise and purple.

With what mix?

Leather Bolero is best suited for creating interesting daily images. Can combine it with a delicate sweaters, blouses, t-shirts, shirts, tops, and knit dresses. Well, if your clothes fitted silhouette. It can be straight or tapered skirt, pants, jeans, shorts or leather leggings. Now actual clothing with an Empire waist that looks great with a short leather Bolero jacket.

As for shoes, you can complement Bolero pumps, boots, ankle boots, sneakers or sneakers of leather.

If you wear a leather Bolero over a plain bodycon dress, you will be able to create a magnificent image for publication. In this case, you will need a clutch and stiletto heels. In this Bolero can be the same color as the dress, and contrasting colors, will make your look memorable and very bright.

To create a formal look, you should combine the Bolero with a blouse or shirt and pencil skirt. In this case, the Bolero can be only outerwear that can be removed indoors.

Spectacular images

Will look great set consisting of a leather dress and a Bolero of the same color. Bolero jacket to cover your bare shoulders and make the image more mysterious and enigmatic. Choose in this case metallic accessories and sandals or shoes that fit the meaning.

To create a evening look, you do not need to wear leather dress. Would look great in peplum dresses, which can extend short Bolero and create a layered look that is so trendy this season.

The casual look can be created from clothes of the same tone but different texture. A mix of knit or silk top with drape skirt and leather Bolero jacket will look just amazing.

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