Fashionable jumpsuits camouflage – 2017

Fashionable jumpsuits camouflage – 2017

Translated from French camouflage means disguise. The main purpose of such clothing is to conceal the soldier by blurring its outline so that it blends with the surrounding countryside. Camouflage colors are camo, which includes two six color, speckled, spotted or pixel print.


Camouflage women’s tracksuit designed for confident and daring women. It combines unique color and all the benefits of the tracksuit.

This suit can be worn even at home because it is convenient and practical, and the right chosen style will emphasize the advantages of your figure. The nature print on this suit will be practically invisible, it is perfectly possible to play themed games in the area, such as orienteering or peynbol right here masking comes in handy. Also, of course, this costume can be applied for its intended purpose – for sports, outdoors and indoors.

Classic tracksuit with a camo print composed of top in the form of jackets or sports jackets and trousers casual. Waist pants usually are fixed with elastic bands. The same bands may be on the bottom of the legs. As for color, most often used here in a traditional shades like sand, gray, brown, green or olive. But the color most often including: the shadow, the birch tree winter forest, oak, digital, flora, jungle, desert or the amoeba.

Sport suits in camo design can also be unexpected colors, such as red, orange, pink, light green or lemon yellow. Models of such costumes, there are many. Leggings are perfectly combined with Longsleeves, Capri – skinny, and breeches of switchcom. Also in great demand among young people are tank tops, short tops or hoodies. Some models are fitted with rubber bands, ties, Velcro, pockets and cuffs, and hoods.

How to choose?

Choosing a tracksuit camouflage, be sure to think about what you buy it. If you plan to wear it to workout or home, choose natural fabrics. To walk fit suit of waterproof material or breathable membrane. Trying on a suit, sure that he was comfortable, not restrict movement and does not SAG. The top is too short or too long pants can get you a lot of inconvenience in training.

Also some costumes can be insulated. Most importantly, these costumes were made of moisture-resistant materials that would be kept warm and breathable.

With what mix?

The images you create with this tracksuit does not have to be overwhelming, so you should add femininity to the maximum. You should always remember that any clothes we had borrowed from the wardrobe of men can be supplemented with coarse shoes. High heels, bright tops, neater hair and makeup and the right accessories will perfectly complement your image based on this trendy costume.

You should not dress in camo, be sure to leave open some space of your body. Unable to unzip the zipper, tuck tuck the pants or sleeves. Of course, this option is not suitable for the forest, where there is danger at every step.

Stylish images

For summer leisure suit tracksuit camouflage with bright accents, including knit pants and t-shirts. The emphasis in this image is added a silver espadrilles. This method is suitable for girls with confidence.

Warm camouflage tracksuit you can enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding, skating, skiing and others. Black details, this costume will match winterized sneakers.

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