Fashionable jackets with zippers – 2017

Fashionable jackets with zippers – 2017

Jacket on a lightning – is one of the most popular types of clothing for the cold season. And this is not surprising, because these sweaters are very comfortable and practical, have many models, among which you can easily choose the suitable.

In addition, the jacket with a zipper is one of the main fashion trends of this winter.


Jacket is a garment whose closure is not necessarily located in the front. The sweater is called a knitted item of clothing, which clasp located along the entire length.

Key benefits

•Practicality. A jacket can keep you warm and even hide some imperfections of your figure.

•A large number of colors, lengths, patterns, cut, style and decor.

•Comfort. This jacket is easy unbuttoning and buttoning, especially if such jackets have a hood.

•Versatility. Jacket zipper can perfectly be combined with business clothes, and sports items and even a holiday dress.

•Jacket with zipper is perfect for people of any age.

Popular models

The most popular model is the Jersey zipper front. It is very practical and convenient.

Very original and unusual look jackets with oblique or side zipper.

These jackets are very similar to jackets-leather jackets. They perfectly fit the casual style. Also, this jacket is perfect for sports, for everyday wear, trips out of town and walks.

Classic sports jackets with zippers often have a hood or collar. The hem and sleeves of these jackets have knitted or crocheted cuff.

Loose sweatshirts type of sweatshirts are perfect for everyday wear. They will be combined perfectly with sports or classic trousers.

With the tunics or dresses are best combined openwork sweaters or model in a fine knit.

Extra-model jackets with zip is very similar to the short coat. They go perfectly with skirts and with pants.


Choosing the color you want sweatshirts, you should rely on your own taste, and at the same time to consider fashion trends. For example, in this season in fashion restrained, calm colors such as gray, white, cream, grey, terracotta, beige, Burgundy or blue.

Always in fashion classical white and black colors. This can be attributed to gray. These sweaters are very popular, especially to create models sport jackets. Jackets these colors often decorated with accessories in a contrasting color.

If you prefer more saturated colors, note the jackets green, bright lemon, turquoise, raspberry or red colors.

This season especially fashionable are pink sweatshirts. You can choose a jacket of any shade of pink colour from lilac-pink to pale pink. The jacket may be solid or composed of several colors, one of which is pink.


Choosing a jacket with a zipper, do not just knit models. Of course, these sweaters are very comfortable and practical, and retain heat well. However, today you can find models made of other materials.

Free models winter jackets often are made from soft fleece. This material is extremely warm and practical. Even in the most windy day in such jacket you will not freeze.

Jacket will not take up much space, so you can always carry and wear, if you suddenly become cold.

A lace jacket with a zipper is found today in many different combinations.

Jacket with sleeves of lace goes well with jeans. This option is perfect for everyday wear.

The lace jacket is the perfect accompaniment to a pencil skirt, flared or a-line skirt. This beautiful set is perfect for any celebration. Use a jacket of lace as a standalone item of clothing, as well as in combination with t-shirts, tank tops or t-shirts.

Fashionable jackets with zippers – 2017

One of the most creative and stylish models – is the jacket in quilted knit or any other material, complemented by leather sleeves. This shirt will look very stylish and expensive. Sleeves can be made of leather in a contrasting color.

Spectacular images

Will look great bright cardigan with fur combined with the white jeans.

Extended model fitted sweater knit will be perfectly combined with a skirt or trousers.

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