Fashionable green dresses — 2017

Fashionable green dresses - 2017

Light green dress is perfectly suited for the warm season, because it’s bright, fresh and beautifully will fill your boring closet.

Our mood improves when we see nicely dressed people. But even more she can improve, if we are satisfied with their appearance and see the proof that we’re beautiful in the eyes of others.

In warm time of the year nothing will accentuate your beauty like a beautiful dress. Choose bright, exciting and fresh models such as dresses light green shades.

Who will go?

Light green dress brings a lightness and freshness, Is this dress suitable representatives of the color type «Spring».

However, girls colortype «Summer» and «Autumn» it can make a great. Well this dress with green eyes, light skin and red hair. This combination was created by nature itself.

The girls of the color type «Winter» should choose a dress with care. Most likely, they will not fit. It would be better to «winter» the girls to pay attention to such colors beige, turquoise, green, or celadon. Any girl can pick out the right shade of green.

With green color you can also adjust your figure. If necessary, he can give you some extra volume and make your look airy and light.


To wear light green dress, you don’t need to look for a reason. By choosing the right length, you could wear this for any occasion. And you will always look consistently well

•Long. This kind of dress is loved by many women, because it is very versatile and is suitable for owners of any type of figure. It perfectly lengthens the silhouette hides figure flaws and makes the woman look like a Queen.

If a long light green dress is made of high-quality and expensive fabric, its happy possessor must pay attention to the surrounding. It is perfect for receptions or weddings as well as Proms. You can opt for a dress with a train, neckline, bare back, etc. will look great dresses of velvet, satin, silk, and wool or knit. Among such variety you are sure to find the most suitable for you.

Particularly relevant will be a long light green dress in the warm season. In this case, it is sewn from lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon, linen or silk. They will help you to move even the hottest weather.

•Copper. This length is versatile and suits women of any age. Green mid-length dress perfect for any special occasions. Complement this dress beautiful footwear and accessories, and also exquisite hair.

This length is also ideal for casual or office style. Especially that light green color symbolizes positivity and openness of human nature.

•Mini. Light green short dress suitable for fun and relaxation. For walking it is possible to add white sneakers. But if you want to relax with friends, complete trapeze dress wedge sandals. Well, for a night club put on the highest heels. In this form, you will definitely be the star of the party.

In addition, a short light green dress, may be appropriate for the office, because it looks good with jackets. As for the shoes, you can come any.

What colors combine?

Combining different colors in clothing, you will not only diversify the color scheme of your wardrobe, but will also be able to find a kit that perfectly emphasize all the advantages of your figure. Colors should be selected not only those that will fit your appearance, but also those that will be able to reveal your inner world.

Green color is intense, but its intensity you can control, combining it with other shades.

•With black. Black and white is a combination of universal. They contrast beautifully, and the color black accentuates the saturation of the green. However, one of the colors in this combination should prevail. The best option would be a combination of black things basic wardrobe with accessories and shoes green. Or Vice versa.

•White. This combination is quite restrained, because the white color tames green.

•With orange. This combination is dictated by nature and always reminds us of summer. But if in nature, these colors look harmonious, in life, you pick them you should be very careful.

•With the purple. This is a great way to stand out. Wear a light green dress and complement it purple.

With what mix?

Green color symbolizes a riot of colors, so in warm weather you can wear anywhere. The main thing is to make a set based on the characteristics of your image.

Light green dress is the perfect accompaniment with outerwear in contrasting colors.

Worse, it will look great with outerwear of leather.

But the shoes to this dress should be selected depending on its length, style and fabric.

Evening dresses add-ons do not need. Is that can use a fur Cape and coat, if you want to cover your shoulders. And, of course, to complete the image should be beautiful stiletto heels.

Jewelry and accessories

Accessories and decorations to dress light green color should be selected very carefully. Remember that green goes well with red, black, silver, milky, yellow and light pink. Green also looks good with blue, purple, crimson, Burgundy and dark green colors.

Also pick jewelry that will fit the style of your dress. Open wrists accentuate the bracelets and neck – a necklace or earrings. Décolleté will be able to decorate a beautiful brooch. Accessories and jewelry should blend in well with your appearance: hide defects and highlight its benefits.

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