Fashionable dresses from footer – 2017

Fashionable dresses from footer – 2017

In the fashion world there are a variety of natural materials, which virtually no one knows anything. Of course, we are confronted with them constantly, however, absolutely no idea what they consist of and how called. One such tissue is the footer.

The footer is called the special weave of the fabric. He is created from a weave of two different types of tissue. This material one side is smooth and the other slightly textured and soft. We know almost nothing about its origin. It is likely that the prototype of this modern material appeared in Ancient Egypt.

Today we will talk about the footer.

Advantages and disadvantages of the footer

The footer has a lot of advantages. He has so high quality that it often sew baby clothes. Among the advantages of this material:

•Basically, the footer consists of natural fibers like bamboo or cotton.

•Retains heat.

•Material wear-resistant and very durable.

•Has natural antibacterial properties.

•Absorbs moisture well.

•Hypoallergenic material.

•Suitable even for people who have sensitive skin.

•Perfectly holds the form and restores it.

•To care for it very easily.

•Extremely durable fabric.


The disadvantages of this design are rare. Among them:

•From the direct sunlight, the fabric loses color.

•Under the action of high temperatures, its fibers are broken down.


Footer is a very durable material and is pretty simple. So it is often used for the manufacture of sports clothing or loungewear. Also from this fabric sew children’s clothing and clothes for pregnant women. From the footer often made sport or casual dresses.

Usually dress from the footer refers to the clothes in casual style. It’s modest but very comfortable. This kind of gown designers are made conceived in modest colours, do not pay excessive attention to itself. The most common are blue, gray, beige or light brown color. As for styles hutarovich dresses, they are also quite concise. They are usually short or of medium length, slightly fitted or straight line. Most of these dresses complement the sporty details such as a hood, long sleeves, self-belt, etc.


•Erasing items from the footer should be at a temperature not higher than thirty degrees.

•Can be washed in the washing machine.

•Before washing the item in the footer you need to turn inside out.

•Do not wash clothes together with things that contain metal accessories, such as zippers, hooks, etc.

•Dress from footer categorically not rekomenduetsya to dry outdoors under the sun.

•Iron products from the footer should be in the mode of «cotton».

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