Fashionable dresses for full in 2017

In the season of 2017, the designers are moving away from stereotypes and re-interpret the idea of dresses. They offer the latest models from the new collections, in which they used a non-standard approach and new ideas.

Luxurious female forms never go out of fashion. That is why in recent collections and the full girls will be able to find the right model of the dress. The main thing-to understand clearly what you need and what effect you want to achieve with your dress. Fashionable dresses for full women this season aims to show the figure in the most favorable light. This is achieved by using properly chosen model, colour and so trendy this season processing.

Models for the winter of 2017

A major trend in the fashion collections becomes architecture. The apparent simplicity of these models kompensiruet specific cuts, which are intended to create the image of a slender girl.

Fashionable dresses for full in 2017

Also popular are dresses free cut with oval silhouette. They are not visually will only take a few extra pounds, but will give your body lightness and femininity. Complement these dresses with a V-shaped neckline, dropped shoulder line and slightly tapered hem above the knee. This silhouette became the base for the creation of casual models.

Especially fashionable in the winter of 2017 will be the dresses with major graphic pattern with contrasting colors, breaks up the silhouette as if apart. With the help of this technique, you can visually reduce the volume and to make the figure much slimmer. In General, techniques combining very often used in the new collections. For example, a very impressive looking combination of tweed or wool and leather.

In the winter of 2017 designers have focused on simple methods of decoration, which, however, look very impressive. This season will be relevant slits and kick pleats at the hem and end-to-end zipper with metal zippers or small buttons. These small details perfectly outline the silhouette and make it slimmer. The same applies to the embossed tucks, which the designers began to use more often. Actual sleeve length three quarters.

Models for spring 2017

In the spring every woman wants to be particularly attractive. This fine will be with dresses from the new collections, the main trend which has become feminine. Dresses this spring for obese women proposed in a romantic style that will be as relevant as ever even for everyday fashion.

First of all, it concerns length dresses «MIDI». Perfectly able to balance a shape dress with flared from the hip hem. This is an echo of the fashion of the «retro» style, which is represented semifitted models with emphasis on the chest area.

Neckline in this season are presented in the form of a deep cut or trim and drape. This cut along with flared skirt will look harmonious and make a figure slimmer. This style is as relevant as in daily models, and in evening dresses.

Among the topical colours holds a special place floral palette. But, unlike last year’s models, this season designers give preference to muted pastel tones. Also, designers put emphasis on prints, among which the most relevant are non-contrast abstract and floral motifs and the cell.

Models for the summer of 2017

Among the most popular models occupy a special place models in a free style, which is buying increasingly popular. Very interesting look dress in the style of «trapeze» with a slightly high waistline and a fitted bodice and loose skirt.

The greatest number of fashionable models available in long version «Maxi». On them designer pay special attention to offering them the most original design solutions. Most popular rich colours and bold ethnic and floral prints.

Fashionable dresses for full in 2017

Combination of colors should be soft, but quite original and striking. For example, it will look interesting combination of emerald with turquoise and pink with orange. Very relevant even for very large prints, which are original combinations will add harmony to the silhouette.

Models for the fall of 2017

One of the main trends of the fall season will be knit. It’s like he’s invented specifically for girls with great forms. Designers your efforts on search of universal fabrics, new silhouettes and turned to the classic Jersey, which will be appropriate in all styles.

Alternative to black this season will be a juicy shades of blue, grey and Burgundy. Also will look great dresses for girls with magnificent forms in blue, beige and orange tones. Do not be afraid of bright colors. Brushed fabric and warm colors can perfectly model the figure.

Autumn is marked by simplicity and models. Semifitted, loose or straight silhouettes of medium length set the tone for any fall collection. The slender silhouette will add high slits, deep pleats, asymmetrical cut and patterns to «smell».

Fashion evening dresses

In models of evening dresses a special place is given to variations in the Greek style. This style is versatile and allows to simulate the silhouette and make it slimmer. This season these models are presented in each collection.

The main thing you should pay attention, choosing the evening dress for fat women, is how it demonstrates the advantages of the figure. Best of all it can make fabrics that drape well. Chief among them is viscose and natural silk. Black in 2017 gives way to deep shades of red, blue and purple. This is true even for evening dresses.

Special attention deserve the model of the Maxi with a high waist, deep neckline and full skirt. Enhance the effect of this model, the soft folds and draping, which can arrange the necessary accents.

Another trend this season is the fashion for retro. This is especially true if you pick up a dress for daytime and formal events. Especially relevant now vintage models of the 20-ies of the last century.

Elegant evening dress you’ll be able to pick up considering the fashion did, such as layering, asymmetric hems, drop waist and a boxy fit. Using the well-matched model and properly placed accents, you can create a bold and edgy and will be the star of any party.

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