Fashionable dress of brocade – 2017

Fashionable dress of brocade – 2017

The name brocade comes from the Persian language. Yes, and this material came to us from the East, where it was invented in ancient times. Brocade is a very heavy fabric, which is generously decorated with all sorts of patterns embroidered with subtle metallic threads. The special texture of this fabric can any dress be turned into a Royal outfit.

The advantages and disadvantages of brocade

Any fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. Brocade is no exception.

Among the advantages of this fabric:



•Degradability for draperies

•Good compatibility with other tissues


Among the disadvantages of brocade:

•High cost

•Short service life

•Complex care

Composition and varieties

Previously in the manufacture of brocade were used only natural materials: fiber silk, silver and gold threads. Then the workplace began to be manufactured from materials that cost was much lower, such as linen, cotton, metal, semi-precious alloys.

Currently, brocade is both natural and synthetic.

Brocade already made from lycra, viscose and other artificial materials. The price brocade will depend solely on its composition. Natural ingredients are always more expensive.

Mainly there are following types of brocade:

•Brocade lakerboy on the basis of

•Brocade rayon based

•Brocade on a silk basis


Brocade is often used for the manufacture of the most elegant dresses. So basically their dress brocade have lush long skirt. Although modern ladies have the opportunity this kind of dress to wear infrequently, brocade is still very popular.

The modern dress of brocade is not necessarily weekends. Fashion designers, on the contrary, it is recommended to combine the luxury of the fabric with the simplicity of the silhouette. It is therefore of particular in-demand models of dresses of brocade direct or semifitted silhouette. The length of such dresses can be both the average and short.

Wedding dresses

Many modern couples opt for a dress made of brocade. And this is not surprising, because these clothes before married only person of Royal blood. Silver or gold thread on this material look extremely luxurious and expensive.

Since the fabric itself is many decorated styles such wedding dresses are often very simple. The most popular are models with a rigid bodice that perfectly accentuates the bust and a long flared skirt, which extends from mid thigh or waist.

Evening dresses

An excellent choice for an evening out in the cold season will be brocade dress. The model of evening or cocktail dresses made of brocade are a huge variety. It can be elegant models in gender and explicit mini.

Brocade holds the shape, so it is suitable even for making magnificent skirts-bells.


•Carefully study the composition of the fabric before washing. If it there are real metal threads, it would be better to give the dress to the dry cleaners.

•If the fabric was sewn with synthetic thread, it will be possible to wash this product by hand or in the delicate washing.

•Washable dress brocade should be at a temperature above forty degrees.

•Iron can be just by turning the dress inside out.

With what mix?

Brocade is a fabric self-sufficient and very beautiful, so it should not be decorated with bright details or shiny ornaments.

This, of course, does not mean that a dress really should not be any parts. You simply choose quite simple jewelry that will not attract undue attention. Do not use accessories that are embellished with sequins, beads or stones.

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