Fashionable denim Bolero — 2017

Fashionable denim Bolero - 2017

Bolero this season will be especially popular, and a large selection will allow you to pick the model you want. It will decorate you, and add a little variety to your image.


Bolero comes from Spain and was a short jacket without fasteners, which was part of the Spanish national men’s suit.

Although this garment was originally exclusively male, it quickly made its way into women’s closet. Currently, fashion designers present a wide variety of models and styles, among which every fashionista will be able to choose your own.

The most common model is a cropped vest with a long sleeve. Bolero can be long sleeve and ¾ sleeve and even short. Different models of Bolero with closure and collar.

Fashionable denim Bolero - 2017

Neckline in a Bolero can be either round or triangular. Young girls love deep cuts and older women – with a small cut.

May be different and the length of this Bolero. It can be made in the form of a Cape or a vest.

For summer it is better suited to Bolero with short sleeves. Using this model, you can create a fashionable and stylish way. Although Bolero is primarily a convenient thing that should not hamper your movements.

With what mix?

Looks great denim Bolero with clothing of light fabrics. For this reason it is often used to create summer looks.

Stylists recommend to combine this Bolero with clothing made from heavy materials such as wool, suede or other. This method will restrict movement, moreover, it will be tasteless.

Goes well with denim Bolero with chiffon or silk dresses. It can visually make you slimmer.

Also will look good with denim Bolero jacket with denim. However, to combine things denim should be very careful. Things must be different in shade.

Will look great free Bolero denim light shade with a darker hem. It may be jeans, shorts or a skirt. The choice is yours! Can be part of such a way other items of clothing and accessories.

If you love to walk or travel, you should combine your denim jacket with a river, a skirt or shorts. For example, perfectly combined with a Bolero will be linen shorts and silk skirt and white tank top. Bolero in this case should be bright and shabby.

To create an image in casual style, you can choose denim Bolero with long sleeves which you wear with tight trousers. This outfit is suitable for work and for a romantic date. Generally, in this way, you can go anywhere.

But if you are going to a party, you need to wear shoes with high heels and complete your look with stylish accessories.

Stylish images

Light denim Bolero will look great with a plain dress with a floral print and short sleeves. Will look great also curvy bottom with a fitted top. You can go for a walk and to the party.

Many ladies in the summer I love to wear light white gowns. Dark denim Bolero sleeveless can build on it. The emphasis in this way it is possible to put using a brown belt with a nice buckle that will accentuate your waist and you will look very feminine and spectacular.

Fashionable denim Bolero - 2017

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