Fashionable cocktail dresses

Fashionable cocktail dresses. Not knowing until now what «cocktail dress», you joined them your closet. The only thing it differs from evening dresses, this shorter model that adds to the intrigue and magic. And every woman or girl can boast of her «little black dress», which remains relevant for a long time and will remain so. This dresses for cocktail party.

One of the features of cocktail dress is that the shoulders and neck should be exposed and the length should not be below the knee. Fabrics for these dresses are selected the most beautiful to in a special way to emphasize your figure, after all, the purpose of cocktail dress is a festive event and party.

Think about what to pick out jewelry to complement your elegant look. The most appropriate is a delicate string of pearls on the neck and earrings. Don’t forget to consider your shoes. If the evening promises to be a bit cool, you can wear the Cape. Just know that you need to pick up her shade to your dress for a cocktail party.

The current direction of the season spring — summer 2012 is a high waist silhouette with a smooth transition of shades (pictured) and above the knee length. For young girls suggest model – the most open, made of pink, peach or blue material.

Famous designers suggest for the season to buy dresses for cocktail party with tight bodice and skirt, flared at the bottom, made of silk or chiffon. In this dress you will be able to attend the wedding of a friend, and the youth party or at the prom. The combination of black with white or blue material with lace trim is a classic for cocktail dresses.

Such options will always be at the top of popularity, profitable emphasizing the beauty of your eyes. If you choose cocktail dress red, you will always be in the spotlight on this evening. But in this case, we advise you to consider the style of dress because the red dress can not always show the benefits figures, it can draw attention to shortcomings. In order to create a sexy image, we recommend you to wear a short red dress that will be the most open top and close-fitting to your figure.

The actual trend of the new season is a cocktail dress made with a generous drape at the bodice and embellished with lace print. And when you want to draw attention to your slender legs, choose a dress with detailing on the skirt.

For example, it will be decorated with rhinestones, sequins or shiny material. Summer is considered to be a sense of good taste to choose the dress of light shades or outfit made from fabric with a floral pattern. The classic option for the winter evenings will be a cocktail dress of dark muted shades in various combinations. And in a white dress you will always feel confident and easy.

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