Fashionable coats with Fox – 2017

Fashionable coats with Fox – 2017

Fashion sheepskin coat with silver Fox look luxurious and very feminine. At the peak of popularity they are already not the first year. Beautiful Royal fur perfectly adorns a sheepskin coat, and a large variety of styles and models allow every fashionista to find the perfect option.

Styles and models

Currently, the choice of sheepskin, decorated with fur of Fox is huge. Every season fashion designers offer new solutions, creating luxury models and using them for finishing a variety of materials.

Shearling with Fox presents different cuts and in different colors. Between models may vary in length and type of clasp. In some models there is a hood and other decorative elements.

If you love classics, you’ll be shearling, fur lined, made of genuine leather. Traditional zipper and belt beautiful sheepskin coat, however the most important decoration is luxurious collar Fox fur. This sheepskin is ideal for business women.

The maximum feminine looks classic fitted jacket coat without belt. The fur collar will add elegance to this model. Some coats can be decorated with a trimming of silver Fox, which are located throughout the length of your clasp. This sheepskin coat will look even more attractive.

Also it looks a sheepskin coat with the smell. This model is something the General has a kimono. This sheepskin coat will look unusual along with lush Fox collar performs not only decorative, but also practical.

This collar can make you warm even in the most severe frosts. This style will accentuate your exceptional femininity.


Currently, you can find coats short, medium and long. For business ladies, and adult women will fit long coats or model of medium length. Young girls like short coats.

In short sheepskin coats many advantages, chief of which is their low weight. You can safely wear every day.

Coats of medium length at present very popular, that makes fashion designers every season to create all new and new models. The clasps in these coats can be buttoned and zipped. Classic models short sheepskin can have a lovely cosy collar or hood.

These coats will fit all women. They can even be worn with your favorite jeans and look elegant and very stylish. Long coats, in turn, visually lengthen the silhouette.


Fur trim sheepskin are very common, it makes a woman look like a goddess. Fur may be present on the collar and on the cuffs and on the bottom of the garment or on the sides. Sometimes it’s used as decor at the cut lines.

Sheepskin with decoration in the form of Fox fur will look Grand and luxurious, so additional decoration. In lush Fox fur can give additional volume. As the finish can be a comfortable and luxurious hood. It will give your coat of charm as well as warm in cold weather.


•You can often find sheepskin coat from a genuine leather, because this material is very popular and has a lot of advantages.

•Young girls also really like the suede coats, which look very stylish and impressive, but they should be carefully looked after. Suede does not like moisture, so it should not be worn in the rain and snow.

•Motonave coats are not only very attractive to look at and have a lot of advantages. They are very long retain their original appearance and are not afraid of moisture due to the special impregnation. Mouton also retains heat very well, so in this coat you can walk even in the most severe frosts. They also do not lose its luster.


Classic colors for coats are black and brown. So, if you love classics, you should opt for a brown or black coat, adorned with hunting.

Nowadays you can find a sheepskin coat, made in many different colors. Very popular white coats, they look very elegant, but they are impractical. With hunted I wonder also will look beige or cream-colored coats. These shades can freshen up your coat and add to your way of originality and attractiveness. If you like darker colors, pay attention to shearling with Fox, made the coffee color.

A very practical option will be gray coats with fur Fox. Young people often select the models in that color.

Very elegant look also bright models coats decorated with fur of Fox. This game of contrasts will give your outfit originality.

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