Fashionable coat-Cape – 2017

Fashionable coat-Cape – 2017

In the autumn of the most popular clothes is the coat. And this is not surprising, because it is warm and looks very stylish. If you are using this garment you want to stand out, you should pay attention to the coat-Cape.


Coat-Cape is a Cape style a-line, so he has a very dedicated line of the shoulders. This coat-Cape and different from other shapeless capes. While these coats are very loose, they tailored figure. This model coat throughout the length of the augmented buttons. Coat Cape cloak recalls marching past in which the fasteners are only on the neck, and he is worn open.

Feature of the coat-Cape has slits for the arms and sometimes there are rukawa. Even if this coat is only with slots, it is arranged so that these slits will be visible only brush.

Due to the fact that such coats are in the free form and different length, it is suitable for women of any build.

The Cape is very similar to a poncho, but between them there are significant differences.

Poncho is a Cape without fasteners, which is worn over the head. Poncho although it looks quite attractive, it hangs from the shoulders and hands are usually hidden under it. Every movement requires lifting the edge of the poncho. Poncho probably can be attributed to the jerseys, the more often it happens it is braided.

Capes, due to the well defined lines of the shoulders more like a loose coat. And your hands will be much more comfortable, because the slits for the arms there. Coats Cape clothes boots that are made from warmer materials.

Materials and models

Modern ladies are not immediately appreciated palto Cape, which is why designers really have tried to correct this situation. A large number of different models once again proves to us that coat-Cape is the outerwear very feminine and intriguing.

Coat Cape can have completely different length. It can be very short finish on the line of thigh and long calf. However, the most popular are the coat-capes, the length of which is slightly above the knees. This option is a trend this season.

Styles of this coat will depend on the type of fasteners. Capa, whose closure is only on the neck, is to remind us raincoats. Therefore, it is very important that wearing under this coat. If the Cape along the entire length has buttons, it will remind regular coat. In any model in slits for the arms can be seen as the whole hand or wrist.

Coats-capes can also be made in different styles: from the classic sewn on the figure, and to the youth rowdy. All of its features are the result of different cut and details. The capes can be collar (knitted or fur), appliques, beads, and items similar to embroidery. Rarely on this coat you can see the waistband or pocket.

Coats Cape clothes boots, so it was sewn out of warm materials such as wool or drape, which retain heat well and protect from wind. However, Morozov capes are not suitable because of the lack of sleeves and a very loose cut. Among flowers there are no limitations, capes can be completely different colors and with various prints. Especially popular ethnic, animal and geometric.

With what mix?

Coat Cape is perfect for any figure type. Its free edge may hide problem thighs or belly. Short model capes can enhance your growth, and long – to place the emphasis on your figure. Coat Cape will be a great acquisition, although at first glance it may seem unusual. However, the purchase this coat is worth because with it you can create many interesting images.

As coats-capes – clothing is quite voluminous, it should be combined only with a tight-fitting things. Safe bet would be skinny jeans. Thus, we should carefully choose the style, because the coarse model is a very elegant model will not work. Can opt not leggings, tight-fitting pants or shorts.

If you want to make your image more feminine, add a coat Cape skirt. To do this, you will be best suited pencil skirt, flared because of the model with that coat look bad. You can also pick up and dress, straight silhouette, you can even slit. However, it should be remembered that the coats and dresses should be approximately the same length.

Coat-Cape has no sleeves, so they must be in clothing that will be under him. Very interesting this coat will look great with long sweaters knit. If the day will be warm, you can expose the shoulders with top, tunics, or blouses with short sleeves or without sleeves at all.

If you don’t want a Cape to wear clothes with long sleeves, you can wear a leather elongated, knitted or crocheted gloves. As for headwear, it is particularly interesting with this model of coats will look and knitted hats and wide-brimmed hats. You can also wear with it a stole, a scarf, and a silk handkerchief.

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