Fashionable cardigans-coat – 2017

Fashionable cardigans-coat – 2017

Fashion designers present an incredible number of models of outerwear. However, for those who don’t like the usual coats, jackets, raincoats, jackets were invented a very original model that combines all the best qualities of these things. Take, for example, attention to the cardigans-coat, the same light, as are cardigans, and the same fine as a coat.


Cardigan-coat can be of different types: from light summer cloak, to warm clothing which will be suitable for the off-season.

They can also vary in style, silhouette and style. The most popular models are:

•Models oversize. Clothing in this style is very popular today. And it is not surprising, because these oversized things can advantageously emphasize the fragility of your figure. This cardigan is really warm and will make you warm in cold weather.

•Very unusual look also asymmetric model. Their uneven length and original cut will be able to draw attention to certain parts of your body.

•Model Maxi is not suitable for everyone due to its impracticality. If you, for example, have to drive, that cardigan for you to be extremely uncomfortable. However, such models look just great, especially on tall, slender girls.

•Poncho is also one of the varieties of cardigan-coat. In this model, the unusual cut, because it is sewn from whole cloth, the sleeve of which is formed or made in the form of holes.

•Very feminine model looks with smell. They can also visually change the proportions of the figure, making them more correct. Wear them with a belt or without.


For the production of cardigans coats usually are used a variety of materials. And it doesn’t have to be fabric, can sometimes be used and yarn.

If you want a cardigan-coat to make yourself, you should give preference to such materials:

•Tweed. This is called a variety of material consisting of wool and synthetic fibers, make this fabric supple and soft. Its main advantage is embossed. Moreover, tweed, almost not wrinkled, so it will not have to iron.

•Mohair. This is another type of woolen material, which mainly consists of Angora. Mohair furry and soft, and very pleasant to the touch. Models Angora look very light and delicate.

•Cashmere. This is one of the most expensive types of woolen fabrics. Cashmere has a soft structure and beautiful appearance. This material is almost weightless, but very durable.

•Knit. It’s a mixed composition fabric which is in great demand because of their affordable prices.

For jerseys do not need a special way to care, but they serve a long time. One of the drawbacks of this fabric is that it covers the figure, while emphasizing all its advantages and disadvantages.

•Wool. It is the warmest of all materials, so wool cardigan-coat will warm you even in the most severe frosts. However, for things made of wool must care to care.

•Angora. This material is made from the wool of a special breed of rabbits. Coat-cardigans from this material are soft and very pleasant to the touch and retain heat well. However, things Angora always leave a fluffy trail

•Boucle. This fabric is made from natural and synthetic fibers. The highlight of this material is its embossed texture, which makes any clothing voluminous.

•Footer. It’s a cotton fabric that is used for the manufacture of year model the cardigans-coat. Its main feature is that its front and reverse sides are essentially differ among themselves. The front side is tight and smooth, and the reverse is soft and loose.

How to make a cardigan-coat from the tippet?

Cardigan not for nothing is the universal clothes, because it may not be suitable for all seasons and for all occasions. Light cardigans can be worn on a summer evening, and in cold season you can warm warm cardigan-coat.

Such a thing you can easily make with your own hands, for example, from the Palatine.

Take a large tippet and do the following:

1.Make the length of your tippet in half and tie the top corners in a sturdy little unit.

2.Deploying it, you will see that it now has armholes for the sleeves, and the node is at the back.

Thus, you will receive beautiful and original cardigan that you will again dismiss.

With what mix?

You can wear a cardigan-coat with a variety of things. All will depend on weather conditions and whether you like this will.

For cool weather fit tapered or straight-leg jeans, which will complement the suede shoes or boots. In the warmer time of year a cardigan can be worn on top of dresses with not magnificent skirt, for example, bodycon dresses.

Coat cardigan will fit almost any style. So feel free to add to them their grievances.

And warm model the cardigans-coat can be combined with scarves, gloves and hats.

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