Fashion women vests

You want to look fashionable and modern, you wish you paid attention?

If you fit a variety of vests. Add them to your wardrobe. They can be worn with t-shirts and shirts and even dresses.

Fashion women vests

If you are an office worker, choose a classic vest made of thin or thick fabric, which fastens on the button. Knitted vest is also very relevant in this season, it can be throat or neck with various shapes. How it works and what it details, button the vest or without does not matter. The pattern should not be very bright, but the individual.

Red suede jacket from ACNE you’ll be flawless, but it is extremely simple cut with a crisp V-neck.

The model of the vest from Ralph Lauren is the epitome of luxury accentuated: densely embroidered with gold like the equivalent of the dress, which is worn by Spanish bullfighters.

Jean Paul Gaultier had based vest in men’s style, which at all times was a true dandy, and «revive» it, daring slits.

Fine vests of silk and lace have proven themselves as the best addition to cocktail and evening outfits.

The vest is not only a part of the business or office suit, today, designers offer to decorate vests with rhinestones, fur or embroidery. Such a thing you can wear with turtlenecks, blouses or shirts. The hit of the season, is a quilted puffer vest, it can be compared to a light down jacket without sleeves. Back into fashion fur vests with zip pockets-sleeves.

With our changeable weather such a thing is very relevant. Look fashionable, and don’t be afraid to draw attention to themselves!

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