Fashion women hoodies

The sweatshirt came in the fashion world of sportswear and has firmly taken its place in the wardrobe of both women and men.

Currently wearing a sweatshirt, not only for going to the stadium or walk, but in the school, on a romantic date, and even at a glamorous party.

We will help you to choose a sweatshirt and combine it with other clothes.

Hoodie, sweatshirt or hoodie is the upper part of the clothing that has no zippers, but has a hood, drawstring and kangaroo pocket. Designers can according to your taste to change some details of the hoodies, but the General idea always remains the same.

Young girls who lead an active lifestyle and in clothes prefer sports style, love hoodies and boldly combine them with other casual clothes.

Let’s see how you can in your favorite hoodie look very feminine and elegant.

Selection of hoodies

Glamorous sweatshirt

If you are a glam girl and love to hang out in the trendy clubs, you will definitely fit sweatshirt with sequins, with a trendy watercolor print and stylish logo designers, if the sweatshirt is not a fake. Of flowers it is best to choose white and light pink and any pastel colors, or decorated with silver or gold sweatshirts.

Short hoodies

These hoodies can be perfectly combined with jeans, skirts or trousers. If you plan to wear a hoodie to school, choose a neutral color that will fit into the dress code of your school. It can be black, white, gray or maroon sweatshirt.

To visit clubs or extra classes, you can choose hoodies of a more democratic style. The main thing that they lifted you up and inspired for new achievements.


If you are looking for warm and comfortable clothing, you should pay attention to lean. This is an elongated version of the sweatshirt, it can be worn instead of coats or jackets.

Romantic sweatshirt

For walks with friends or for a date choose the sweatshirt a more romantic and delicate colors.

Sports sweatshirt

It does not, however, forget that first of all the hoodie is a sporty clothes you should wear for sports and for active rest.

What combination of hoodie?

Sweatshirt with skirt

If you are waiting for a romantic date, a sweatshirt should be combined with a dress or skirt. It is not easy, so you should consider your image. The main thing is to blend together colors and prints. Look on the Internet any combinations, some of which we present here.


Layering is back in fashion, and in combination with the hoodie can be a pretty good method.

Casual style

Sweatshirt is perfect for everyday wear. Most importantly, to successfully combine it with a skirt or trousers.

Sweatshirt with skirt to the floor

Perfectly can match with sweatshirt, skirt to the floor. Importantly, the sweatshirt was too long.

The attire of the rebellious

If you’re a rebel in life, you should feel free to combine a sweatshirt with other clothes. An unusual combination, the actual layering and, of course, a hoodie, and will emphasize your bright individuality.

What you need to pay attention to?

•If sweatshirts have a hood, be sure to get it and place on top of a jacket or coat.

•If you wear a hoodie with a leather jacket, it should not be thick.

•If you want to wear under the sweatshirt, t-shirt or a shirt, their floors may not match and hang around each other. This is acceptable!

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