Fashion victim – myth or reality?

To pay attention to fashion and to stick to it is absolutely normal. Especially if you have the taste and desire to look fashionable. But here we must be careful that in any case was not erased the line between the desire to be dressed fashionable and beautiful and overwhelming desire to buy all the most fashionable things. Sometimes it may happen that the desire to be fashionable becomes an obsession. This category of people has its own name — fanfiction. This word has its own history.

This term began its March around the world in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-ninth year, when only began to become fashionable chiffon dresses. And, despite the severe frosts, the young girls went out for a walk in these dresses. After all, it was very fashionable. After these walks have been a large number of female deaths from pneumonia.

Should review their attitude to fashion trends and ask yourself a few questions. What is your attitude to your own wardrobe? How do you feel about the latest fashion trends? Because sometimes it happens that the sight of shoes or some fancy thing in the boutique then you keep coming back mentally to her and desperately want to buy. Maybe it’s just the usual desire to have any thing, and it can be much worse and you no longer even dream about it. If you have these symptoms, your condition has almost reached the point called «fashion victim». And most likely you are absolutely sure that you’re okay, but judging by these signs think it’s worth. In that case, when you have the feeling that the desire to look fashionable beyond reasonable behaviour, it is necessary to think about it.

Our task is not to attempt to impose their own opinion. We want to give some advice. New fashion items should be purchased only in the case when they really sit well on you. Everyone has his idol, which imitates. But this does not mean you have to buy things that is your idol. Such actions speak not only about the weakness of man. Because it mindlessly follows fashion. You should try to refuse such compliance.

Every thing on the model will look great just because she’s a model. Everyone knows that models need to be defined parameters, so all the clothes are sewn under these settings. But even with the appearance of the model can not be sure that the dress is from the designer will be fine to sit on you. And do not think that the figure you have is not ideal. Just this model does not suit you. It is necessary to choose the clothes of your style, which will emphasize all the advantages. The main thing in the closet is a single style. It is desirable in the clothes to have a sense of proportion.

The main thing to be able to combine different attributes of clothing. For example, dress it can not be combined with sneakers. This means that, despite all the fashion trends of the basis of combination of items do exist. Things strict style was always in fashion. Probably every woman has dark pants, a white blouse and black dress. This can be called basic things, to create new images. You should try to learn how to create a combination of basics and new things.

Before you go out you should soberly assess your appearance. Preferably someone a stranger said about your appearance and yourself should take a look at with different eyes. Because sometimes it so happens that some things are unnecessary in this way. So don’t overdo this. If you are not dressed all the available fashion items at the same time, life does not stop, but look ridiculous, chances are you will not like. If you follow these quite easy tips, you fashion will never take you over the top.

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