Fashion swimwear for the pool 2017/2017

Beach season has come to an end, so it’s time to use the pool. To do this you first need to correctly choose the right model of swimsuit.


If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and care about the figure, you’d better opt for special sports models swimsuits. In this swimsuit you will feel like a real athlete.

Actively playing swimming, you should take care of the comfort and convenience. But if you want the swimsuit was both comfortable and beautiful, choose models with unusual décor or an open back. Unable to focus in your swimsuit with a small bow, which will not prevent you actively exercise.


Of course, the bathing suit does not have to be made from sports classic fabrics such as polyester, spandex or neoprene. Fashion designers offer a variety of options the one piece swimsuits that are made of unusual materials.

The main trend this fall clothing from velvet. And because velvet dresses, blazers and skirts already hard to surprise someone, we also offer velvet swimwear. These models of swimwear will look very unusual. Please note on the model in black, Burgundy or blue color, because such restrained colors will be better able to present the texture of this fabric. It is also interesting to look swimwear, made of blue denim or a stylized skin.


Perfectly shape the feminine silhouette closed model of swimsuit bandeau, which will make smoother all the lines of the female body. If you want to add volume to your Breasts, you should choose a swimsuit model with drape, because small folds can visually increase your breast. While the exposed shoulders and collarbones will make your look sophisticated and feminine. These models of swimwear in Vogue half a century ago and has already become a classic model of swimwear.


For several seasons in fashion sexy swimwear Trentini who have opened the back and hips. In such a swimsuit top and bottom halves are connected to each other using strips of fabric, which puts emphasis on the waist. Using this model, you will be able to enhance your breast and smooth the hips. But do not forget that this swimsuit you will have to swim in the pool, so too honest options still should be avoided.


Various geometric shapes such as squares, triangles and zigzags, which make up an intricate pattern on your swimsuit will look great both on dark and light skin. Especially popular this season patterns in marine style and small cells. If you correctly pick the direction of the lines on your swimsuit, you will be able to change the proportions of the figure. Using a thin vertical line you can extrude the silhouette, and diagonal lines perfectly accentuate your waist.


Experiment with coloring of your swimsuit. Very stylish will look great as a monochromatic swimwear and swimwear with bright patterns or prints. Chaotic lines, colored brush strokes, floral patterns or simply patterns — all can tell us all about your mood. On holiday in warm countries will be able to recall patterns of tropical exotic flowers or ferns. And about your sophisticated nature will be able to tell delicate flowers, if copied from engravings of the early twentieth century.

Long sleeve

Another trend this fall will be swimwear with long sleeves. Not every girl is going to choose a swimsuit for going to the beach, but the pool, this swimsuit is perfect. Swimwear with long sleeves can be absolutely any color. Particularly interesting in these models will look open sides or back.

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