Fashion sneaker 2017

In our time, and women and men value comfort above all else. But also a sense of style, individuality and perfection is also important for each person and it should be. Not surprisingly, fashion 2017 carries a variety of models of shoes. Almost overtake the number of advantages of the sneakers. Why? Because now it is fashionable, youth, stylish and very comfortable. In addition, this item of footwear may be appropriate for the fall and spring, and for summer or even winter. In fact many manufacturers offer a unique sneaker with insulation for cold weather and the so-called «breathing shoes» for hot days.

Review the latest sneaker 2017

If you used to think that running shoes is exclusively clothing athletes and no raisins in them simply can not be, we assure you of the opposite. In our time, this shoes is developing rapidly. Manufacturers make the simplest shoes athletes true works of art.

For example, you will be the original stylish fashionable sneakers in 2017 from Nike. Some of the «fresh» nikovski sneakers Air Max 90 glow in the dark fully justifies its name. They are characterized by the color change. So when you are in a dark room, your sneakers may well lit. You’re a bright and brilliant personality in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

And although the year has just begun managed to please the novelties and firm Adidas. She presented a very original collection of sneakers Superstar SUPERCOLOR, which is made in a very wide range of colours. If you look at this collection of fashionable sneakers in 2017, you will be able to choose what you wanted. A rainbow palette of different shades not just pleasing to the eye. She literally blinding and shocking. Just imagine, 50 shades! 50 ways to find your color.

Another great option that you should pay attention to current fashion – sneakers Exodus In Python from Diadora Heritage. Especially in suede, make the leg smaller, neater and more attractive. About the benefits,» we do not say anything. Mesh, which is breathable and gives him quietly to circulate, eliminating any discomfort, and contrast laces make special and enchanting any person. In such shoes do not be ashamed, not only on the sports field to go. In it and out easily.

Another flawless hit of the year presented to the public again Adidas. The name of this amazing sports product Pharrell Williams Stan SmithTennis. These tennis sneakers almost neon colors any dull image will make a memorable and very bright. The manufacturer has provided the public and the white crosses, which are no less spectacular than the orange or light green. In a Shoe nearby and tennis professional to get involved, the more that insole leather sneaker data, and is a complete guarantee of comfort legs.

But Nike gave an excellent response to the Adidas work. Nike WMNS Air Max 1 Beantown Pride Pack was returned to pristine perfection of the classic Air Max and provided the audience with charming red black white and green creatures that have a stylish touch and a thick platform. You can call them truly spring, so no wonder the company submitted them in the spring. For the manufacture of sneakers, the manufacturer has a preference for textile and leather panels. Kind of trendy in 2017 megafactories.

Sneakers or dress shoes?

For many women, it is unclear why sneakers are gaining a leading position among the fashionable novelties of footwear. Each year prefer this footwear grows exponentially. But nothing surprising in this. So, the classic Shoe has not been canceled and cancel not. It was, is and will be the benchmark of femininity and refinement. But comfortable shoes can be the choice and nature of this lady. For now, the shoes are allowed to wear under skirts, and even under a thin and airy dresses. It becomes a kind of dilution making the image a delicate and subtle beauties. It perfectly complements the women’s long cardigans and coats, fashionable asymmetrical skirts and other feminine outfits.

Classic black, white and bright colors of fashionable sneakers 2017 can and should be worn under pants. One of the most ideal combination is with jeans. This year, denim is again gaining a leading position, so the ideal combination of «jeans +sneakers» is also say about your awareness of the trends of the fashion industry. Of course the jeans with heels look very different, here not going no comparison. But the image of sneakers will definitely show you as a girl who prefers health and convenience, and therefore will give you as simple and open for communication person who is ready to care about yourself and the world around us. Do you want to become in the eyes of the person light and relaxed – definitely choose the sneakers. For those who seek to give preference to the classics, don’t forget about the existence sneakers-shoes. Although this trend is more about men shoes, after all, the female half of humanity will be able something find.


If you like shoes on a high platform, we are glad you are very happy. 2017 brings us an amazing amount of running shoes on a high platform. Besides the already mentioned above, some designers (for example DKNY, Stella Mccartney, MSGM and others) decided to make a high platform and even corrugated in the form of heels or decorated with bright colors and stripes. In General, to be stylish in running shoes on a high platform, very real. Therefore, this footwear practically in no way inferior to the classic shoes, and in our time, on the contrary, a more reasonable fashion.

What to wear with fashion sneakers in 2017

This question is raised by many girls. The good thing is that now the combination of incompatible clothing is not nearly as dire as it was before. Our time is very loyal and democratic applies to any the most extraordinary combination of clothes, shoes and accessories. To be memorable, girls often go for experiments. But more often experiments are designers. On the catwalks you can see so extraordinary a combination, sometimes just in my head. And what is most interesting – this combination is really harmonious look.

Sporty style goes hand-in-hand romantic. And when you look at non-standard combination of classics and sports it seems that the world has gone mad. But this is only at first glance. In this outfit everyone can be vibrant, unique and real. Yes, of course, the tractor sole to the classic coat will look too tacky and not aesthetically pleasing, but the trend sneakers neatly on a moderate platform may compete with any shoes.

Bold decisions can be seen not only in famous designers and photo magazines, but also on the streets of the cities in which we live. Agree, this combination has a right to exist because of its originality.

And if such a combination is acceptable, the very simple combination of shoes + tights or sneakers + skinny pants. Printed sneakers fashion 2017 can be a great addition to plain clothing. In this case, they will become the main focus and will take all the attention. If you choose a saturated or mottled in color running shoes, other clothing better to take a more muted and soft tones. Conversely, under the multi-colored pants is perfect colored sneakers.

Wearing running shoes not for sport, and for such walks it is important to choose a garment that will Express your personality and make you different from the tennis player that just walked on the court to win. Fashion sneakers diverse 2017. So choose the option that will be perfect for where you are going.

Stylish bow happens when you mix sneakers with a white skirt. Of course the classic pencil skirt wear is not necessary, but a flared mini and MIDI models will help to balance the romantic style. Slim skirt of the same length sometimes also can make you fashionable and seductive.

Remind you of a fashion in 2017, the thing like a jumpsuit. All future seasons designers predict their high rankings among fashion divas. It is a universal garment that is possible to use in sports or everyday fashion and elegant.

Jumpsuits with sneakers combine possible and even necessary. In a warm season on the streets we will meet pajama style. Jumpsuits in this style trend will not be uncommon. Under monochromatic crosses don’t hesitate to wear jumpsuits in floral, striped or abstract. This will further emphasize your simple but at the same time fashionable outfit. Jumpsuit under sneakers may be denim, and its popularity is now indisputable. He is on the top charts of fashion, what we always talked about. Friendship denim with a sporty style is not subject to any doubt. Denim clothing and sneakers can rightly be called a classic combination.

In style experiments, it is important not to lose the sense of individuality. Here you should definitely pay attention not only on fashion trends and watch Luke out of the cities fashion. In order to combine sneakers with different style clothes need to refer to their inner voice and be sure to look in the mirror. To capture the fine line between aesthetics and vulgarity possible, but it is very difficult.

Rules for choosing and wearing sneakers in 2017

And so, the fact that the farther the fashion becomes more loyal we already knew. But still like to look fashionable, like to stay ahead of rivals ahead? What kind of running shoes, be sure to buy in 2017?

One of the first requirements of fashionable sneakers 2017 – colors. Despite all the variety and bright mood of manufacturers, the main colors of this year for sneakers has all the same pastel colors. Among the bright models it is better to prefer coral, lilac and pistachio shades. In the summer, it is important to buy fashion this year is yellow or pink sneakers.

Do not leave the catwalks and the white color of this sports shoes. This color is able to add lightness and elegance to any look, so under summer chiffon dresses are best to wear white color sneakers. So if you get confused in variety of colors, take white color. With white you will not regret it and you will definitely be a true fashionista.

Stylish and truly original looks like the shoes are created not from one but from several materials. Leather with suede, lacquer or mesh can make you exclusive girl. Mnogofakturnye products this year can be seen among clothes, shoes. Sneakers from several different texture materials enable you to become one of the most modern girls in the circle of friends.

Lacing is also of great importance to underscore your sense of style. She can be very contrasting and different from the rest of the clothes, or Vice versa – to be in tone to any important element of the toilet. The most popular ways to tie the lace for sneakers in 2017: zigzag, European, extreme or direct method and hidden inside the nodules. Suggest you also try to combine different colors of lace, then the image will be even more interesting and original.

View a few photos of fashionable sneakers in 2017 from famous brands and make your conclusions yourself.

One of the most important moments wearing the sneaker is a combination of them with accessories. With the help of accessories, the result is correct and complete. They like nothing else is able to Express the character and mood of the hostess. One of the main rules – do not wear too glamorous and expensive accessories in these shoes. Gold and other precious metals shoes to wear is very desirable. But bright, one might even say the acid the color of the earrings or bracelets can highlight your style and crazy character. Under sneakers accessories should be solid and visible, because we expect a little unconventional and daring way. Thin necklace — not the best choice. But bags can be both big and small. Ideally, they should be decorated with metal inserts and fasteners. Bag or backpack might be black, but the scarf together with sneakers looks interesting all the same bright colors.

Fashion sneaker 2017

Sneakers and converse as a variety of sneakers

No less interesting and fashionable you will look in sneakers or chucks. This is, by and large, the same sneakers, and the diversity of their styles and colors is also great. In this type of sports shoes popular as a thick wedge heel. Better if the shoes will close the ankle, in 2017 it is very fashionable. But the familiar monochrome leather sneakers thin sole bathe in the glory. Particularly relevant are red, blue and black colors. Unlike running shoes, sneakers better to choose a tone on tone laces. All also hold the position of leader shoes with metal accessories (spikes, chains and the like).

Not losing the position of leader, and CHUCK II, which not long ago presented to the public Converse only in four colors: black, white, red and blue. This nonsense with the production of sneakers is considered one of the best selling in the world. This model (as well as all the other chucks) is reserved and dignified. In addition to this series, the manufacturer recommends running shoes with a camouflage print. Focuses firm Converse and the original and soft colors. Although motley models are also often found in collections.

Another model of conversion, which reached this year’s Chuck Taylor All Star II. Of the main factors affecting the choice of this model is new perfect and a super-comfy footbed lunarlon shoes. How is it different from other converse ( the manufacturer) is its softness and ability to take the shape of their feet. Sale of this model will begin this spring, but we’re already waiting for that same kind of innovation in the world of sports shoes.

And as you can see, the sneakers a lot and every fashionista (or mod) will find something suitable and worthy of attention. Some manufacturers (e.g., Converse) put emphasis on originality and comfort, the other on the exterior. So will your shoes plain, or maybe with a picture of a bright banana or contrasting side panel-choose, as always, only you.

Snickers 2017

Looking at the new sneaker 2017 to pay attention to the sneakers is simply impossible. It all started with a stunning collection of Isabel Marant, who has decided to create sneakers with hidden platform-heel. The idea was picked up by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloé, Giuseppe Zanotti, Y-3 and thus to us in the daily routine came sneakers. This version of sneakers has definitely can be called feminine. Thanks to him, the legs visually longer. This year, the sneakers aren’t going anywhere, so we can continue to get pleasure from wearing these sneakers.

As always in fashion, and Velcro, and zippers, and laces. The original design of sneakers and their decoration can wear this shoes on the most fashionable hangouts and parties. They perfectly complement a jeans and leather pants, and a dress. The most popular sneakers among young people. At the height of fame as black colors and more vivid. This year is the trend of shoes decorated with fur, so the more your sneakers is fur, so you will be more fashionable.

Among the accessories to this stylish boots give preference to wide scarves and denim caps. The sneakers are mostly shoes, but they look more fluent and youth.

Running shoes – choosing healthy and stylish

So, if you prefer a healthy way of life, can not imagine myself without camping, trips out of town and stylish stuff you should definitely watch collection crossbone fashion brands. Sports shoes are always needed, she confidently holds its position. Sneakers and shoes timeless. Especially when you consider that the current youth chooses a healthy lifestyle and comfort. Fashion sneakers 2017 will help to create very different images: from traditional to glamorous sports. Depending on the purpose you can choose Jogging sneakers or sneakers for walking. The first are characterized by their simplicity and obscurity, whereas with the second you can experiment as your heart desires. The second option is simply obliged to reflect all the fashion trends this year.

Fashion sneaker 2017

And so stylish running shoes this year is the most usual sneakers: thick and thin platform, rounded toe. Among the flowers, as always in fashion classic (white and black), and the model is not excluded.

Mint, purple and pink color most often found on the catwalks.

Interesting and look bright yellow and orange sneakers, or sneakers of other colors, which contain accents of these palettes.

Not going to leave the catwalks and all the gentle touching of pastel colors. They help make the image soft and attractive.

Will be fashionable and those girls (and guys too) who will purchase sneakers with contrast panels (strips, circles, abstraction). Printed shoes also have a place. Again to remind you about trendy white sports shoes.

The nice thing is that the shoes can be worn in any season and under any kind of clothes: skirts, shorts, pants, dresses. The main thing is to make sure that the image was adequate and harmonious.

Fashion sneaker 2017

Fashion sneaker 2017

Fashion sneaker 2017

With regard to the sneakers and sneakers, they also can be found for every taste and budget. Fashion sneakers and sneakers 2017 – and plain and colored; and leather, suede, and patent leather model. They can have lace panels that will look even a little touching, despite all the sportiness of this type of shoes.

If you want to create a more «hard» way, without running shoes also can not do. Catchy and a little bit brutal layering this year, be sure to wear sneakers and sneakers. The image will look truly fashionable. Also interesting will be the shoes or Snickers worn under a full skirt and leather jacket.

Fashion sneaker 2017

Fashion sneaker 2017

And so we see that the fashion for sneakers by 2017, almost nothing is prohibited. Just need a little bit to try to find a decent model. What sneakers do you prefer? What’s your favourite way with them?

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