Fashion shorts Bermuda

Outside the XXI century in fashion is comfort and ease. The clothes in the first place, not to strain and create discomfort. So now more and more gaining popularity shorts. They are characterized by simplicity and ease in wearing.

The history of shorts of «Bermuda»

You may have already guessed, the name of these shorts was in honor of the British Isles. It was like this. In the British colonies served the English soldiers, and the climate there is very hot, so was introduced to cropped pants. The clothing manufacturers of that time picked up the idea.

The inhabitants of Britain were very quickly adopted a «soldier» fashion. And so in the early twentieth century shorts «Bermuda» steel stylish office wear for men in Bermuda.

First, the length of the shorts of «Bermuda» was above knee about 10 cm. over time we observe a different length and styles of these shorts. Nowadays they are represented in the collections in different variations. There are both business and glamorous, casual and sports.

Squeak modi - Shorty

Description shorts of «Bermuda»

Shorts «Bermudas» ideally, sewn from fabric for suits. Business style under their dress shirt. The color of these shorts are usually light, pastel. But we often meet and dark shorts «Bermuda». Cut them loose, so for the summer shorts are just perfect. But now in the cold season they are no less popular. Their you can wear with socks. When sewing, piping is wrapped, pockets are usually deep and roomy.

Mens fashion

First all shorts of»Bermuda»was invented for men and more worn by men. Over time, women began to wear these shorts under a different top. Men look stylish in these shorts both with tie and without it. As for the jacket with a t-shirt and jumper.

In our country such a fashion is not very popular, but nevertheless it is on the tropical Islands of Britain. Young guys look great in these shorts, wearing a military jacket or t-shirt and sports sneakers. For us sporty style to wear, shorts are more acceptable.

Women’s fashion

Women are less critical fashion. So the shorts «Bermuda»includes business and holiday style, and everyday. For sewing women’s shorts of «Bermuda» use different fabrics (cotton, linen, cotton, slim jeans). The colours are completely different – from bright summer to dark winter colors.

Womens shorts «Bermuda» are both flared and narrow, almost tight. They can be elastic, and the waistband, with zippers or without. At the waist often designers add cute folds-tucks. Wear these shorts for women are not shy or at work, for a walk. Depending on the style you can choose any top and will look stylish and at the same time on the topic anywhere.

Select the model of your shorts, «Bermuda» and wear it with pleasure. After all, comfort is paramount.

Squeak modi - Shorty

Squeak modi - Shorty

Squeak modi - Shorty

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