Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017: trends and the latest styles

In recent years more and more popular with comfort and convenience in everything: in clothing, hairstyles, accessories. Shoes is no exception. The collection of women’s shoes the spring and summer of 2017 is not very much different from the previous warm season. All the same not very high heels, platforms, and lacings. But, if you look, you know, that has its own peculiarities and highlights. Let’s see what is fashionable shoes 2017.


The first and most popular shoes that have presented almost all the designers. And be sure to lace up! They offer us to carry almost any way, besides it’s too dressy evening dresses.

Sharp toe and leather shoes

As seen on fashion shows, designers prefer shoes with pointed toe. Moreover, the heel is not very tall, and the shoes and sandals decorated with slits and lacing. Comfortable, stylish and simple. The genuine leather shoes, though not often, but appeared on the shows. If you choose leather shoes, give the championship smooth skin.

Transparent heel

Trend last season collections of women’s shoes the spring and summer of 2017 evolved a bit. In 2017, we observed a completely clear heels in fashion next year the designers added their decorations.


Well and where without it? That’s only in summer collections by 2017 we presented a more subtle lacing of satin and the straps of 2017 is already a few passed their position. Lacing to be stylish in 2017, you should choose to match the shoes.

Open heel and straps

In their new collections designers recommend us shoes with open heel and strap in the back. During the hot months is furthermore what is fashionable, and still comfortable. But if you prefer shoes with closed toe, don’t despair. Feel free to buy your favorite shoes with straps on top of the ankle. And the foot fixed and comfortable is, and will viglyadit stylish.

Classic mules

In any event feel free to wear mules with a high heel. These shoes are decorated with bows and interesting accents. High heels, mules can also be quite unusual and different that gives you the opportunity to choose your mules under any event.


Gladiators in the collections of women shoes spring-summer of 2017 presents the thin strappy, open toed and a little weird cuts above the knees. In colours, designers can see a maximum of two colors.

Creative espadrilles

The creative personality of the designers are giving us hints that those who have not yet acquired espadrilles, behind the fashion for several years. Designers are experimenting with this shoes, looking for a new model and its possible variations. So, we are already seeing espadrilles heels, thick high sole and decorated with sequins and fringe.

Buckles and rivets

Remain fashionable buckles and rivets. Buckle designers present a concise rectangular, but there should be a lot. Sometimes they are decorated with shoes very defiant and rude. In any case, metal decoration at the peak of its popularity.

More Shine

Shoes in sequin, shiny decorative elements and other details that reflect the light, not to mention fashionable, and very fashionable in the following warm season. Most often on the models we have seen shoes of the color «metallic silver».


As for heels, they are in fashion shows was or micro (heel shot), or macro (heel-brick). In any case, that one that the others are comfortable, comfortable and trendy.


Continue to keep high ratings and boots. They are especially popular in spring. Interesting scenery, lacing and unusual color of the boots to the knee is represented in the collections of fashionable women’s shoes spring-summer 2017.

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