Fashion shoes 2017: on the platform (photo)

A great alternative to heels are shoes with elegant heels 2017, French espadrilles. What can you wear these fashionable wedge shoes?

Every girl dreams to wear not only fashionable, but comfortable shoes. Unfortunately, the studs are beautiful, but not in all cases appropriate and not very comfortable. A good alternative might be the wedge that is not only practical, but also comfortable. Fashionable wedges 2017 is very beautiful.

What is a wedge? It is the sole, which is both a heel. In socks shoes she is thin, and the heel is thickened. The thickness depends on five models of shoes. So, for a daily walk is better suited to a low wedge heel, and for the holiday release you can choose a wedge to 10 cm tall.

Wedge shoes 2017

For the first time about shoes wedge talking in the 30-ies of XX century. And only in 70-ies wedges appreciated the fashion house. In fashion it lasted until the end of 80-ies and was considered to be flashy and outrageous

Periodically, the heels came back into fashion, but again disappeared. But with the XXI century these shoes with each new season remains relevant and pleased with the variety and versatility.

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