Fashion mistakes

All those girls who at all costs strive to win male attention, sometimes they do not see any obstacles, not only in communication but also in their appearance. And although sometimes the girl thinks it looks great, it is not always the case. Describe the most common fashion mistakesthat can spoil almost any kind.

1. Small size.

Many beauties of buying things for yourself on one-two size smaller than the actual. When you buy in case if some thing is not suitable, it is better not to buy. Choosing clothes the first thing besides the size still and pay attention to how this thing will sit on your figure.

2. Wrong color.

A woman should be sure to know your color type, and selection of cosmetics it should be based on the shade of your own skin. Very bright shade well and is quite impressive looking regarding models, but at the same time, in everyday life this make-up is unlikely to be appropriate. No need to buy cosmetics that will not match the color of your face.

3. Bad makeup.

Not all girls understand exactly what we mean when we are talking about situational makeup. To say that daytime makeup should be light, minimal and practically unnoticeable, whereas in the evening time more appropriate is rich and expressive makeup. Any of the girls in completely different ways worn to work and parties, and the same rule should consider when choosing makeup for different purposes. Makeup should match the texture of the fabric and the overall style of clothing.

4. A bad shoes.

Worn, old and dirty shoes can significantly spoil your magnificent view. Although high-quality footwear is quite expensive, you should understand that paying one time and observing the rules of care of it, you will use the shoes for a very long time. And because footwear is finally the final form of accessory, then excessive savings when buying it completely useless.

5. Chose the wrong color tights.

Fashion mistakes

When the tights are correctly adjusted to match the shoes, then your height visually may increase and legs will seem more slender. For example a black skirt and shoes will look best and matte black tights. But corporal tights perfectly complement the beige shoes and the light airy dress.

6. Groomed nails.

In the absence of a manicure, but there was clearly flaking nail Polish and the cuticle, the impression of your image will not look like you expect. In your purse have to «settle» nail file.

7. The traces under the arms.

Blurred the traces of sweat under the armpits look pretty unattractive, and therefore it is necessary to use a suitable deodorant or the deodorant that you will be able to pick up experimentally and tailored to your skin type. And after you pick up the best option, this tool should be used every day, especially in summer. It doesn’t matter how busy you are and no matter how loaded your day, beauty combined with personal care should take in this regard first.

8. Translucent underwear.

Underwear is so called bottom, that it must be hidden under clothing. Even if the bra straps in the same colour top or shirt, there is no need to put them on display for others. But even more disturbing was low rise jeans, when everyone can see the panties become a topic of conversation.

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