Fashion knit suits – 2017

Fashion knit suits – 2017

Clothing from knitwear is universal in it you will not only look beautiful, but it is very convenient. Very popular, very knit suits.


Knitted clothing accentuates the curves of your body. And if it is correct to pick up, it is able to correct the deficiencies.

In addition, the Jersey is completely safe for health. It is hygroscopic and airtight, it is for your skin to breathe.

Knitwear perfectly absorbs moisture and does not cause allergies, so knitted clothes can be worn even girls with sensitive skin.

Knit suits wear-resistant, they do not crumple and do not need to iron every day before work. Knitted garments have wide color gamut, and it can also be attributed to their advantages.

Models and types

Modern suits knitwear can be presented in different models. It is primarily tracksuits. They are suitable not only for sports but also for camping or Hiking. If desired, it can also be used as home clothes.

If you don’t like frankly sports kits, you can opt for a dress in the style of «sport chic». Pant suits in this style, contain the sporty elements that can be presented in colour combinations, especially the cut and details such as lace, cuffs-elastic band or the elastic band. Often these clothes to meet quite an unexpected mix of romantic and sporty details. Also this can play, combining knitted sports suit with feminine sandals or shoes.

Very popular and home-knit suits. In them you will be very convenient not only to relax but also to do household chores. Homemade costumes look very attractive and stylish. Today you can find many models of the garment. By choosing the right pants suit, you can hide their flaws. The most popular among young people sets their shirts and shorts or shirts and breeches. Such kits can emphasize your beautiful physical form.

Look great also knit suits in the style business. In them you will look strict and stylish. Among these costumes suitable option can find a woman of any complexion and any age. Besides knitted suit more comfortable than conventional business suit.

Knit suits with leggings can be used as casual wear, in which you can go to the store or for a walk. Most of the top sets is performed in a kimono with a belt that perfectly cinches the waist. Also it can give your upper part of the volume.

Interesting look also knit suits with a skirt. Most often it is straight or short skirts that go perfectly with a bomber jacket or switchtm. As an office option will suit complete with knitted cardigan and MIDI skirt that can be made in the form of a trapezoid or a pencil skirt. Also, original look and long skirts to the floor.

Knitted suits with top can perfectly highlight your slender figure. To strengthen the effect of wrapping can various details such as contrast piping, mesh panels and savory sections. And for the perfect winter costumes, made of thick knit.

Knitted suit is perfect for full girls, the main thing correctly to pick up its style. In this case, fit leisure suits straight cut.

Fashion trends

This season the popular cut the a-line skirt. It will be interesting to look knitted suit consisting of a long a-line skirt and pullover with long sleeves. This kit is perfect for winter.

Also in trend today, fur trim and fringe. They are perfectly combined with knitted knitwear. However, this finish is suitable only for slender girls.

Also fashionable today are knit suits in stripes. Stripes can be both vertical and horizontal, narrow and wide, two-color or multicolor. In addition, today, all sorts of popular prints in the form of images of animals, abstractions, berries, flowers, etc

In casual knitted suit can also be present elements of sports style. Basically it stripes.

Also, do not hand over their positions, ruffles and frills. The knitted clothes they decorate sleeves, hem and neckline.

Types of knitwear

Knit suits are made for any time of year. Used in summer-weight Jersey, and in winter – insulated.

In winter, the perfect choice would be knit. Home of warm clothing perfect soft fleece or velour. A tight Jersey is also considered to be footer, Capito and velsoft.

For a summer suit is perfect viscose or cotton fabric. The thin knitted fabric is kutarka. It is also a very smooth knitted fabric.

Also recently there was a fabric called oil. She came to us from the United Arab Emirates. It is a knit with a delicate structure, perfectly fits the shape. Now in our country, this material occupies a leading place in the manufacture of women’s light clothing.

Demi knit suits are usually made of cotton knit, which added wool.

It is considered that the knitted fabric is stretched quickly. However, this does not apply to high-quality fabrics that can be washed even in the washing machine. But still it is desirable that it consisted of a small percentage of synthetics.

For everyday and office suits you should choose dense material, so they were not homemade costumes.

How to choose?

•Picking up the suit from knitwear, you should ensure its quality. Seams should be tight and smooth, and not be stuck thread.

•You also have the right to examine the certificate of quality.

•Before you buy a suit, it is necessary to try. Knitwear should not cause discomfort, you should not feel on the body.

•Also to choose the right size costume so it is not rubbing or to prevent it from dangling on the body.

•Do not buy costumes with lots of stones, crystals, chains and other decor, which not only reduce the cost of your suit.

•Stylish and high quality suit will cost more but will last you longer.

With what mix?

Pant suits knit can be diluted exclusively female items of clothing such as lace tops or blouses. The amount of detail should be adjusted depending on what style you want to create an image.

If you want to create a layered look, wear under a costume shirt.

Skirt suit knit – a self-contained garment. It is necessary only to find the right pantyhose and shoes with heels. As for outerwear, this suit is perfect bombers, coats, jackets or trench coats.


Lovely elegant office option would be a fitted short jacket and pencil skirt. Will look great combination of deep brown and beige.

Will look great elegant pantsuit of Burgundy, the highlight of which will be the floral print.

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