Fashion jeans 2012-2013

In the new season denim trousers gradually began to go out of fashion. Only a few fashion shows Autumn-winter 2012-2013 were presented with several models. And then these patterns were very concise, grey or dark blue color, straight or tapering, without vivid details that have a more classic look.

Cropped jeans of the season 2013 you can pick up any, important to choose the right length:

— pant length to mid-calf provided for girls of small stature, as this length adds visual height. An important detail in this outfit is the shoes. The particular pants of this length suitable shoes or new dress shoes – oxfords, and in rainy weather, these jeans will look great with high boots;

— pants, shorts to the ankles can visually shorten the length of the legs, so it is recommended to wear girls tall and slim build. Shoes for such pants should be high heels.

Classic straight jeans are very popular among the female gender, regardless of their physique and age.

Such style jeans can be worn to the office to work and to party with friends and even on a romantic date. The main thing to choose shoes.

In their collections designers combine jeans with a denim vests and jackets.

Skinny jeansskinny, skintight body, and perfect for slim slender girls with long legs. This season fashion jeans with high and low waist, straight or tapered. These jeans are perfectly combined with a tunic, t-shirt or an oversized blouse.

Skinny jeans look good with high-heel shoes and flat, and ankle boots. The only thing not to wear jeans this style, so it is with sneakers.

Skinny can be worn for walks with my friends and at a party at the club, the main thing to choose the right shoes and accessories.

Some designers decorate jeans models a variety of fashionable finishes. Jeans collection 2013 Blumarine embellished with applications of shining matter, but the brand just Cavalli decorated their jeans with lace-up vertically.

But most designers in their collections give preference to the classical treatment of jeans without vivid details immediately catch the eye.

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