Fashion jackets-coats – 2017

Fashion jackets-coats – 2017

Clothes that transformirovalsya, in recent years has become especially popular. In the wardrobe of the modern woman began to appear of the things can easily turn into something else. One of these things was the jacket-coat. As we can see from the title, depending on the weather and this clothing can easily transform.


Jacket-coat is a unique clothes. In the off-season, this apparel is very popular. It is a cross between a winter jacket and a classic trench coat. The style of this thing meets all the requirements of comfortable clothing that is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Trigger-coat will not cramp your movements, will not pull or press. But for coats this is especially important.

Currently, fashion designers are creating each time different variants of the practical things suitable for all occasions.

One of these things is a coat-coat. It was appreciated by women of all ages. This outerwear has an easy boxy fit and is made of lightweight materials. They are sometimes similar to the cropped coat.

Often these models have a clasp in the form of lightning or massive buttons, a decorated belt, fur, hood or stylish patterns.

Thus, in your wardrobe can appear gorgeous at an affordable price, which, moreover, is very practical.


The choice of model will depend solely on the preferences of the girl and the characteristics of its shape.

•In the style business. In this model, you will look fashionable and stylish. You can use as outerwear business solid jackets which have oversized collar. Such jackets have a slightly elongated silhouette in the shape of a trapezoid. They are best suited to owners of type shape «pear».

•Youth of the jackets-the coat can be shortened. And some girls prefer leather model with fur trim. Such models will suit skinny girls, and girls with the figure of «hourglass».

•Jackets-coats can be made in casual style. These include crochet patterns that will add to your way of originality.

•Girls who have the figure «inverted triangle» approach asymmetric model. Most often, these jackets are short in front and long in the back.

•The owners of a figure of «Apple» stylists recommend long jackets like the down jackets that allow them to create a more feminine and sophisticated images.

•Jackets-coats, created a kind of outerwear, should be insulated.

•For clothing-transformer the most appropriate model will be the model of jacket coat oversize, which can be of any length. The popularity of these models is due to their loose fit.

•Another area in the clothing, which comes out of their fashion is a military style. Jackets-coats in this style are especially popular among young girls.

Every woman, of course, selects the most appropriate model, which can hide some figure flaws and emphasize the advantages. Also on the choice of model jacket-coat effect and its length.


Like other types of women’s outerwear, jackets-coats can have a different length. The most common are cropped casual model. They can complement your wardrobe as a young fashionista, and business woman who prefers elegant casual style.

In most models of jackets-coats, you can adjust the length. Fashion designers create a model, the length of which can be adjusted independently. Most of this in these models it is possible to unfasten the skirt, and then your fashionable coat immediately turn into a jacket. If you’re cold in the jacket, you can hem to fasten the back and warm up.

Jackets coats are also manufactured in a variety of colors and textures. There are models that dress up over her head, like a sundress or through the legs like a jumpsuit. Such models usually can be as winter and autumn.

Fashion trends

Models jackets coat most often have different colors, length, styles, and is also used for sewing cloth. However, many may approach the model-transformer with the details of that release. Often they represent a cropped jacket with detachable sleeves and hood.

Some ladies prefer a coat in which the coat is inside. And contrary to our expectations, these models are very convenient, especially because coats are fashionable boxy silhouette.


Most of the jacket-coat made by Finnish manufacturers. On the fashion catwalks each season you can find such a model.

Also manufactures this jacket-coat world famous brand Adidas. Among the sports clothes of this brand there are models of jackets-coats with elements of the transformer.

This season will be especially popular quilted bold colors. Typically, these models are supplemented with vtachnymi pockets and insulated lining.

No less popular will be jackets coats Nike. Here are the short and long models gray-white shades, black, brown, blue, milky and coral colors.

The right choice

Choose the jacket-coat is very difficult, because there are a huge number of different models. The selection of the model should be based on personal preferences and peculiarities of his figure. Also, you should remember about rules of dress collocation.

Shortened model more suited for calm weather. And when it’s frozen, it will be possible to fasten the hood, and long hem.

In stores you can find transformer items consisting of two to three removable elements.

With what mix?

As the jacket-coat is mainly refers to the casual style, it should be combined with clothes in the same style. Shoes should choose a comfortable or sporty, so that it is comfortable to move in.

Under the jacket you should wear clothes, depending on the desired transformation. If you want to unfasten the sleeves of the jacket and wear it as a vest, you should pick up under her warm sweater. If the model of the jacket has a hood, you will need to choose a light headpiece.

Shoes should be comfortable and practical. Shoe or high boots.

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