Fashion for the full 2017 (photo)

There is a saying: «a good man should be plenty.» We are not going into what that meant in the old days. It is important for us now. What I’m talking about full people.

We are all different. Everyone has their own tendencies and personality traits. Someone likes the opposite sex slim build, someone dense. But for anybody not a secret that the easiest way to find the clothes skinny girls. But the full figure more challenging for her there are separate collection.

Fashion for the full 2017

Fashion for overweight women should include this concept as a visual adjustment of the shape. It aims to help pyshechka to hide figure flaws and emphasize its advantages. For example, to hide an ugly stomach, and to Express my ample bosom or open beautiful neck. This will help to make choosing the right clothes. Clothes can visually lengthen your legs, to hide excess fat in the arms. She is the main assistant in creation of an attractive image of lush ladies. Also the color scheme of the clothes has a very big impact on the correction.

For overweight women, the manufacturers have a whole line of clothes that can cope with the flaws. They are capable of correct accents and emphasize your femininity and beauty. Now these lines quite a lot. They are able to correct your figure and make you fashionable chunk.

And by the way, chubby beauties like men more than women too skinny. This is because the first man sees a woman as the heiress of the family, and on a subconscious level it seems that the fat woman is much better able to make his unborn child. But this is psychology.

Returning to the theme of fashion for the full 2017 in today’s article we will look at what are blouses, skirts, dresses and pants, to choose full women. We also talk about appropriate outerwear and shoes and a little touch on the topic of selection of accessories (bags, earrings, bracelets, etc) for fat women. In addition we will teach you how to choose the colors and prints on clothes. If you listen to our advice, in 2017 you will be trendy, stylish and very beautiful chunk.

Choose a dress

When you have «extra money» the woman is running headlong into favorite boutiques for new clothes. Favorite part of the female wardrobe – the dress. It is therefore hardly surprising that the woman’s wardrobe is literally Packed with all sorts of dresses.

Dresses come in long and short sleeve. Are holiday, pleasure and business.

Dresses for fat women have their own characteristics.

Version of the perfect summer dresses for fat women dress to the floor. It will help to hide the not-too-perfect legs, but at the same time visually pull the figure. Also in loose short dress, Maxi length woman will be comfortable in the heat.

Your summer dress can be colorful and with different patterns. Only better to the pattern of the dress was great. Small can only Express my full figure. Furthermore single figures on a dress should not be on the problem areas. For example, in the center of the belly. But if the volume pattern is at the hem, on the contrary it will distract from the imperfect places.

Well for complete women’s asymmetrical dress. At fashion shows very often the models were dressed in such dresses. Therefore, for stylish fashionistas who also want to fix your figure, fashion for full-2017 includes asymmetrical hem. If you have beautiful upper body, then asymmetry may be at the top of the dress, it would distract from the imperfect bottom.

Still summer for plump women would be good in trapeze dress.

A-line will accentuate your fullness.

For office you can choose a dress with small sleeves and a length not less than the middle of the knee. We will not dwell on the description of bodycon dresses. Just say that it is lush ladies. For office – that’s it.

To say about print. Strict vertical stripes will not only lengthen your silhouette, it also shows your awareness of fashion trends. Because the strip is just a trend just 2017. Straight, zigzag, ordinary, designers depict her in any outfit. It penetrated even into the sphere of manicure. And for the full line — it is also a chance to correct the figure.

But for your prom, you can even choose a dress with corset and fluffy skirt. Especially that puffy skirt in 2017 is in the lead for the frequent detection on the runways. Additionally, dress in the Greek style can be your Savior. It will emphasize a big bust, but at the same time cover up the belly.

You will be fine in chiffon and silk dresses. Therefore, for celebrations can take note of these very relevant in 2017 materials. Here are just avoid shiny fabrics, which women are so eager to buy for the holiday.

Winter dress long to the floor – not the best choice. As the hem of the dress to touch the ground, and the cold asphalt is not very clean. In short, you risk looking sloppy. Although if you are going to walk the streets and plan to visit a civilized place like a theater or restaurant, then a long dress is also perfect.

But if you spend much time on the street (e.g. getting to work) dress is knee-length or slightly below – just perfect. Especially MIDI-length, in 2017 at the peak of its popularity. Its designers are advised to wear thin, and full women. That’s just under a length, always wear heels. Also for winter you can choose a knitted dress. It is fashionable and warm.

Choose a skirt

No woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a skirt. Whether it’s a skinny girl of a young age or the fluffy old lady – everyone can find at least one skirt.

The most popular form of skirt – narrow pencil skirt. It sits well on a woman of any body type and age. She is elegant but at the same time very interesting.

Full women is better to choose a pencil skirt in a classic length. Too short will reveal curvy legs, and your task– to hide them. Of course, if you have beautiful legs, you can pick up a shortened version of the pencil skirt. But not more than 10 cm above the knee.

So, wool, linen or cotton pencil skirt length somewhere at knee level to pychecker not only suitable. It is a required element of your office (and not only).

Fashion for the full 2017 (photo)

Another indisputable hit – length skirt MIDI. We’ve talked a fashionable MIDI length, when talking about dresses. Such a length can be trapezoidal skirt and A-line, fitted and flared from the hip.

Fashion for the full 2017 (photo)

Another simply gorgeous cut of the skirt for fat women – the sun. Satin, silk, gabardine, the skirt will not cling to your legs and restrict movement, thus you will be comfortable and beautiful.

Another skirt of free cut, which will suit women full skirt-pants. It conceals legs, and balances the parameters of the figure. After all, amid the lush hips and flared bottom would be more noticeable waist line. But it’s more like the summer version of the skirt.

Also in the summer you can still wear a skirt-pareo (say knitted). To work in a skirt certainly will not go, but if you pick up under it interesting accessories, you can not just go to the beach, and a walk.

Fashion 2017 carries a lot of interesting models of skirts with pleating. Most of these models are made of chiffon fabrics. Their standard length is below the knee. And this is exactly what you need curvy women. With such skirts the only catch in choosing the top. And yet — they absolutely cannot be combined with shoes without heels.

Fashion for the full 2017 (photo)

Printed skirts 2017, the same story as with dresses. The main thing that large print was located in the «right place». The right is on the sides of the skirt or on the hem. Large patterns (flowers or abstractia) on the sides along the skirt will visually hide the extra volume, but prints at the bottom of distract from the perfect stomach. And of course stripes and checks – a definite fashionable choice full of ladies.

Full women-defined waist, but at the same time, large hips, you can choose a skirt with a high waist. What are they good for this figure? The fact that they emphasize the waist, against which stand out large hips. This contrast is considered very attractive and feminine. In addition, the 70s is back, so it you will also very stylish woman.

Fashion for the full 2017 (photo)

Choose a blouse, top, sweater, pullover

The main task of blouses, top, jacket and pullover – do not stress the stomach, but on the contrary to focus on the delights of beautiful the neck, arms, bust. Or visually to improve them.

In addition, the blouse or the top should really go well with the selected bottom (skirt or pants) to fit the space.

If you have wide hips, but narrow shoulders, you can use it. Choosing the right blouse, you can balance out the figure. In this figure it will be perfect, blouse or top in a light color combined with the dark bottom. As for the blouse, that is if it will be with a V-neckline and embellished collar stands out catchy.

If you do the opposite broad upper body and lower are tight, it is best to choose the top darker than the skirt or pants. Neck blouses or jackets for this shape should be oval.

Undersized full women should choose visually pull the blouse. For example, a neck-stand. It is best if your blouse is refueled, and will hang over trousers or skirts. These pants generally have rounded ends.

Full women also can as top to use a shirt. This top can easily wear to the office. The secret pockets in the chest area will help to visually enlarge Breasts.

If you chose a blouse or top in black, then be sure to adorn their massive accessories. Full women well and in a bright top. For example, the fashion malachite or cherry, and deep blue color of the fabric can be used for sewing blouses for fat women. By the way, this is one of the most fashionable colors of 2017.

Now fashion flare. It would do you good, cute cuppy cake. After all, if you are not too beautiful, you can choose a blouse with a flared sleeve. What sleeve do not buy is sleeves. They will further add to the fullness of the arms. But tear off from a complete hand fashion this year, embroidery or bright print on the chest.

In the case of very large Breasts it is better to use plain not-too-bright sweater. If the breast is lush, it is possible to use a thin belt on the waist. The belt can also become an assistant in the case clearly expressed the waist line.

But if you don’t know how to finish your image, just add a long cardigan grey or mustard color. He hides wide hips and create an easy and relaxed finished look.

Full women are very lucky with trendy colors to top 2017. Because vertical pictures perfectly correct figure flaws.

Additionally plump to perfectly complement your blouses and jackets short tops and jackets. Suits with skirts and pants will add charm, simplicity and elegance.

As for the sweaters and pullovers, you can choose more boxy. That’s just the pants under a sweater should be wide. Elongated patterns of jerseys are acceptable to wear under a tight dark trousers and a heel.

Select pants

And last, the biggest challenge is to choose pants. Many women believe in the body of the pants piece of clothing for exceptionally thin. And for good reason. Here the main thing not to be afraid to try and not go to extremes.

Absolutely shapeless pants and too slim should drop immediately. It is better to not take a narrow, but not wide-leg trousers. Fashion for the full 2017 allows them to wear medium width trousers with high waist.

If you like classic CROI, ironed and highlighted the creases along the legs will help to prolong lush legs.

If you have a voluminous bottom and wide hips, a good role in correcting the situation will play flared from the hip of the trousers. But the length of these pants should be a decent – to mid-foot.

If you have a well defined waist, you can try a smaller model, but it is better that down pants are still extended.

What is the ideal length of the pants for overweight women? The longer the better. If your pants are long enough, then you will be able to visually stretch your legs. But if you have a high rise and a beautiful ankle, then of course you can take and cropped pants. Moreover, the fashion of 2017 includes many beautiful models, cropped pants and full and thin women. In General, if you have a good ankle, then you have many options to pick out pants. Slightly narrowed or cut down, they will gracefully highlight your elegant lower part of the stalk.

Jumpsuits in fashion for the full 2017 is generally a separate topic. Pyshechka them very well. Besides, it’s the latest fashion trend. Soaked almost all designer collections. Especially now in Vogue overalls are gradually narrowing down. And we have found that with a good lower leg such legs even need to wear. So once again plays into the hands of the ladies in the body.

To pants for a full woman was sitting well, they need to weave dense fabrics. Shiny fabrics can play a bad joke, even if it’s not too slim leather or satin. Moreover here black color will not help.

But suiting, Jersey or knitwear are quite suitable for tailoring of fashionable trousers for the full 2017.

Select outerwear

Outerwear to choose, though easier than the rest of the wardrobe, nevertheless some rules must be taken into account. Because you want to look beautiful and fashionable.

You should not choose full women so this down-filled jacket. Blown jacket can be very uncover all the pomp and roundness of the figure. Coat – the same thing – will add volume.

Not the best option outerwear long coat. In it you will look shapeless.

But the coat of medium length is an acceptable thing.

Full women well into coat-a cocoon. Straight shape hides irregularities fuller figure. For women with very large hips, this coat will work best. In addition it is not tight, and thus folds on the belly won’t be noticeable.

Looks good and classic coat shape with belt at the waist. The belt will divide hips and the top and visually accentuate the feminine form.

In addition to coat curvy women in fashion 2017 allowed to wear trousers. This model is meant for donuts, but slim beauties also picked up the idea to wear pants. So it joined the casual fashion of all women.

What good is this kind of outerwear for the ladies in the body? The fact that it blurs the silhouette and not too clear where the waist where the hip, where the chest. A special shape of the sleeve takes over the focus. Colors the bags can be completely different. Grey and pastel shades to bright and rich colors.

And even in colours, though it is considered that black color is slimming and it for fat women perfect, you can find compromises.

For example, striking contrasts can distract attention from the magnificent forms. Contrast can be all of coat and individual detail. Great full women in mustard, gray and dark cherry color. The whole pastel range is also acceptable.

What other nuances in the choice of clothing for full? Put things you think. To not conspicuous, excessive fullness you need to distract the interlocutor’s attention to some interesting detail. For example, a flashy scarf, bag, hat, or even a brooch at bust. And by the way if you did chose the classic black color in your outerwear, then you can make a bright flavor.

Shoes, accessories

Well, we have gradually come to the fact that accessories play an important role in creating the General image of any woman, no matter what her weight. If you up to this point, was afraid of major additions to clothing, our goal now is to convince you to wear them. Why? Because they are able to focus on the merits.

You have a beautiful lush Breasts beading with large beads accentuate it. Slim and graceful wrist, select a chunky bracelet. Fingers can not be afraid to wear the ring. Single – ring needs to go along the finger, not in width. Then the fingers will visually elongate. The same applies to long earrings. They will help to elongate the face and emphasize a beautiful neck. Only do not become a Christmas tree. To put on all the decorations are not worth it. Better to just make a highlight.

Small accessories should drop immediately. On their background the lady will seem even bigger than it is actually.

As for shoes, you’d better buy shoes exclusively heels. This will help you visually extend your height. Nude or beige color shoes even more correct the length of the legs in a better way.

What should immediately withdraw, so it’s shoes on the platform. She looks rough, and thus, you further accentuate the fullness. Better to have shoes to go low. Every day you can «drag» the loafers, sandals or espadrilles. For the winter buy a «heavy» shoes.

Bag like other accessories it is better to choose a volume. A clutch for an evening look you can grab, but he should be still more than usual.

Similarly a scarf. The best clothing to complement the scarf width is not less than the average. In the summer you can decorate the head and at the same time to hide from the sun under a hat with sufficiently wide margins.


Lovely lush ladies, pick up clothes, shoes and accessories for your forms – these are the principles the same art. If you get all and in the mirror you see a gorgeous woman dressed with taste, we congratulate you. You have a talent to see the virtues and to focus attention to them. And if you still consider our advice, the main objective for the 2017 – to be a confident and glamorous woman – you will not be any difficulties.

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