Fashion «dyuymovochek»

On the catwalks, as everyone knows defile models, girls of high growth. Famous designers present clothes of a specified standard. But if you think that you’re unlucky and your height is less than 165cm. you, of course, will not fall under a specified standard. Well, who said that «Thumbelina» can’t, or don’t want to be stylish and dressed in the fashion?

What to do, what with his small stature only to emphasize the dignity ? What kind of clothing that suits you low girls?

You can create your fashion for the owners of a small stature. We will discuss a few recommendations and tricks that will certainly help you to be on top. There is a theory of visual illusions. Want to be fashionable and modern, then consider a very important point – what is a girl of high stature, little girl would sometimes look silly. Do not forget when buying clothes.

Vision is so arranged that it can estimate and perceive the settings of the items in the ratio of subjects near.

It follows that the same objects may be perceived in completely different ways, it depends on the surrounding objects. This is called visual illusion, applied it to the human figure. Taking this into account when choosing clothes, visually you will be able to be higher than it actually is.


It should be noted that the head of the little girl seems bigger than it really is. Therefore it is necessary to avoid hairstyles with volume, which visually make your head even more. You fit sleek hairstyles and short haircuts.

Still need times and always to exclude from the wardrobe of great hats omitted fields. And it will reduce your low growth even more. To visually lengthen your height will help you a tight cap with a high rise.

The skirt should be in proportion to the body, when it is selected should take this into account. To determine the optimal length of the skirt that fits exactly what you need to do a trial layout of a skirt, and wearing her pins to pin the hem of the skirt up to the moment until you find a length that suits you. Among fashionistas, it is believed that the skirt hem should end in the most attractive location feet.

Golden rules

  • Clothing should «sit» on you flawlessly.
  • Must be suitable to you in color.
  • The style chosen should be suitable for the type of your figure.

Also another very important requirement for young girls– it is necessary that the clothing did you visually above. For this there are the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to exclude long skirts to mid-calf and full skirts to the ankle.
  2. Clothing pattern, you need to choose vertical lines and stripes, which visually makes the figure higher.
  3. Clothing with a slightly low waist is welcome.
  4. Need to avoid unnecessary volume, but not a huge jewelry – it makes a kind of «weighted». Should you choose quality jewelry with pearls, long necklaces, chains and they will add you, and will visually give you slimness.
  5. Naturally welcome high heels moreover, the higher the better, because you can easily afford. Open shoes and sandals with very high and thin heel will give you ease and will make air. You need to use it.
  6. The combination of high heels and a gown with a line of «Empire» will add length to your feet. This combination will make you a stylish woman!
  7. No need to chase fashion, you need to choose only that which is absolutely suitable to the type of your figure, and you run the risk of looking ridiculous, dressed, but still without any taste,
  8. The clothes, in the form of huge buttons or massive pockets of course will play in your favor. Absolutely fit-V neckline or collars stand-up.
  9. Girl of small stature and slender not to wear balooney and a long robe, visually these things leave you with no legs, and people around might think that you wearing an outfit 2 sizes bigger.
  10. Well-chosen accessories will make your silhouette taller. Little girl with wasp waist can wear a wide belt.

You must learn when choosing clothes what would it harmonize with your figure and accessories.

If you follow all the rules, even the girl Thumbelina will be able to look fashionable, reversing on itself admiring glances.

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