Fashion dresses with bows and ribbons — 2017

In the history of fashion, the bow is not just used to decorate clothing and accessories. And, most importantly, he does not have time to get bored and still continues to decorate the clothing of the new collections.

Large lush velvet or silk bow will give your image of femininity and romance. In addition, the bow can accentuate all the advantages of your figure. Thus it is necessary only to select a dress and place the bow in the desired location. This is particularly important, because incorrectly chosen place for the bow will only accentuate your flaws.

Large ribbons of contrasting colors will attract attention to that part of the body on which they are located. Why emphasize that part of your body on which you want to pay attention to. Special attention should be paid to the bows on the back, they create a very interesting accent. Such dresses look very solemnly, they can go to any important event.

In the fashion collections this year presented a large number of dresses which are adorned with bows. And if you want you can also decorate with a bow and my favorite dress, he can change it and add a dash of femininity and tenderness.

Most bows suited for young girls, but Mature women bow to decorate.

Bow can be the same color as the dress, and can create contrast. The bow can be decorated with sequins, beads or embroidery.

Dress for full

You should choose a dress that will help hide your problem areas and will not focus on them the attention of others. The ideal option for you would be a plain dress of dull fabric. Avoid dresses with sequins, sparkles, embroidery and other decoration, even a centerpiece of your dresses will be the bow.

•If you want to hide your stomach, choose a dress of beige, caramel or brown. Black dress can draw attention to shortcomings of your figure, so be sure to try it out before buying. Pay attention to models in which the bow is located on the chest or on the sleeves, they distract attention from the problem of the abdomen and thighs.

•If you have a large chest, you should carefully choose dress. Owner of large Breasts tend to focus on the chest, or want to hide it. If you want to show your Breasts, you should buy a dress with bows on the chest, shoulders. And let it be a dress with a V-neck.

•If you have full hips, choose a two-tone dress, where the top will be bright, and the bottom is neutral or dark. The main thing that was a contrast. Can also opt for a dress with vertical stripes which will make your figure slimmer. Can choose a wedding dress with pockets at bust to balance your figure. The length is best to choose knee-length. And focus on your chest with a variety of decor.

And, of course, choose the appropriate shoes. Best of all, she was in high heels. In such shoes you’ll seem slimmer and taller, and therefore slimmer.

Dress for skinny

It would seem that skinny girls have no problem with the choice of dress. However, there can be pitfalls.

The main problem may be your height. For low girls more suitable dress with high waist and bow on it. Also they use a long dress to the floor on which the bow can be placed around the waist, neckline or back, if you chose a dress with an open back.

If the girl is tall, you need a dress that creates balance. You will not fit slim models, and dresses with broad shoulders or an Empire waist. You will need a bow on the waist, which will balance your figure.

If you have small Breasts, you can visually enlarge with draperies and bows. The color of your dress should be light. You can also choose a model of color combinations. And don’t forget about jewelry. Perfectly to your dress, fit ear bows. And you can opt for the beads or a beautiful brooch.

What errors may occur when selecting dresses with bow?

Avoid dresses that disfigure any figure.

Carefully pick up dresses with vertical stripes can make you below. However, I will look this band is on the scarf or shawl.

You should also abandon the knit dresses with huge bows. This kind of dress is suitable not for every girl. Here you should carefully choose the length and color that match your body type.

In no case do not buy a dress with lycra or made from panels of this fabric.

This season dress is a fashionable trend that can make any figure and make it more attractive. With this you can be sure that dresses and accessories decorated with bows, goes out of fashion is still not soon, and you will have time to fully enjoy them.

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