Fashion dresses autumn-winter – 2017

Fashion dresses autumn-winter season of 2017 is very diverse. And we can not but rejoice. Here you can see models of futuristic, romantic and asymmetrical dresses with medieval poverty and luxury, as well as intellectual negligence, or blatant eroticism.


Today in fashion femininity, exposing her shoulders. Dresses with open shoulders or cutouts on them, though already very popular, will be trendy also during the cold season 2017. However, in the cold season, these cutouts are so typical for evening dresses.

Dress straight silhouette and simple cut will be very fashionable not only as casual wear. Rich texture fabric with lace trim to decorate a dress, even a simple cut. Also the dress can be painted a fun applique or embroidery.

The fit of the dress which creates volume effect, can highlight your thighs and emphasize your chest and shoulders. Designers use any method, however in most cases you can only shorten the dress and highlight the waist with a corsage or a wide belt. The same effect will help you to achieve fur trim and fringe at the hips.

Will also be fashionable underwear style. Even despite the fact that behind a window a Blizzard, these dresses designers offer to wear. However, not all designers of such models appear modest. But Bottega Veneta is, in our opinion, succeeded.

If you think that strappy sundress for the winter season is not suitable, you are mistaken. Designers and offer a model to wear in winter, sometimes over Longsleeves.

Especially fashionable this season are dresses in military style. This is especially true of dresses in the style of the Navy, which look particularly feminine.

Some designers offer models of dresses,like especially made from remnants of fabric. Some designers like the direction that they are working in it constantly. Such designers include Giorgio Armani, Laura Biagiotti, which is not necessary to attract the attention of the audience to create a show, all of them will say their design art.

In the fashion models of dresses-robes you will feel yourself very comfortable and free.

Most importantly, choose the right length. After this season will be in fashion both long and short models, as well as the dress length MIDI. Mostly Maxi length is found in evening dresses. But short dresses are more suited to young slender girls. Ladies age to wear a mini is not worth it, because this dress only further emphasize your age.

Evening dresses a floor-length usually have a plunging neckline or bare shoulders and back, as well as the cut.


Often cocktail or evening dresses are made from velvet, satin, chiffon, silk, brocade, or Lamy, as well as lace or other fabrics. Model with the effect of corrugation or pleats are sewn for everyday wear and for special occasions, it will depend on the richness of the fabric itself.

For special occasions is very suitable for such shiny fabrics like brocade or Lamy. However, the most fashionable in this season. the fabric is velvet which is also used for making dresses for casual wear and for very special occasions. Very impressive will look of the dress, where the velvet is combined with other fabrics. In velvet suits any woman will immediately feel yourself real Queen.

Even the most simple dress style will look fabulous, if you choose the right expensive and luxurious fabric. The most popular fashion trend this season would be using the same model diversified one materials. Modern expensive and luxurious fabric can outshine any dress with a sophisticated style.

Tweed dresses, in the style of Chanel, will be especially popular in the cold season, as well as dress-sweater dresses-knit.

Dress of skin was fashionable even in the warm period of the year, so actual they and cold. In the fashionable autumn –winter collections of various designers there were many such models. Also in the manufacture of these dresses it is possible to use materials that mimic the texture of the skin. Such models will look very original.


In the cold season 2017 designers prefer to decorate models of dresses a variety of finishes or accessories. In these splendid dresses a special place is the fringe, which flutters when walking, sometimes glitters and a lot of talking about us.

If you want the ceremony to literally Shine, choose dresses that are decorated with rhinestones, sequins or other shiny elements.

Flounces and ruffles this season will surpass all your expectations. However, many models will only fit young beauties, and the ladies of venerable age they will look rather strange.

Add femininity to your dress and also the bow that is in the new season will look just luxurious. You can choose a place for a bow on your outfit alone.

Very elegant look pleated dresses, the solemn effect of which will strengthen the rich fabric.

Dresses from the collections of Tadashi Shoji and also Mario Dice will appeal to all lovers of tattoos.

Very popular is the decoration of the cords, which can be as curly and done in the style of mainticket.

The very popular embroidery flowers, which is found in many fashionable designers.

You can also find the fur trim. Fluffy fur is very sexy and can also give your image of charm and femininity. No less interesting will look and lace trim.

Also a very common piece of decor will be the belt, or several belts at the same time.


This season will be all color. But especially popular are bright juicy shades. Chic solid color dresses will look luxurious with fabrics diversified one.

Very popular is the white color, which not only causes of all lasting Association with the wedding, but also suitable for any celebration. White dress, just as black is an excellent background for a variety of decorations.

Very popular this season will be a shade of fuchsia, and all shades of brown. But if you prefer pastel shades, you can also find the trendy collections of Carolina Herrera and Valentino.

Even old ladies should always look fashionable and stylish. Therefore, you will approach the solid model with a deep neckline or open back or shoulders.


This season prints are extremely picturesque. In fashion collections dated and futuristic, and even quite noticeable ornaments. However, the ladies at the age should be with prints are very careful not to look like a kindergarten.

Graphic print is very popular, one can create many different images. Today in my cell and strip and floral and geometric print. Also, do not hand over their positions, cartoon characters and funny animals.

This season designers have worked on glory and created a huge variety of dresses, among which you will definitely find that will look great on you just perfect.

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