Fashion dress with open back – fall-winter-2017

Dresses with open back was invented back in the twenties of the last century. Just at that time was a fashionable style «Garcon», so the most juicy parts of the female body immediately began shoulders and back. Many years later, this dress also has not lost its relevance, and to take their positions, it is not going in 2017 or anytime soon.

The popularity of this model is easily explained: neckline many ladies have already bored, so they use every opportunity to experiment with your image. And with the help of dresses with open back you can create a romantic and seductive way. Many stars wear this kind of dress on the red carpet, awarding various prizes and other special occasions. Today we present to your attention the most beautiful and even luxurious model dresses with open back from the most fashionable collections of the season autumn-winter 2017.

Long dresses to the floor

Long dress with open back you will attract the attention of others is not worse than the dress neckline. This kind of dress is best to look at the slender girls that have a model figure. Girls of low growth or those who doesn’t know how to walk in high heels, it is better to opt for other models.

Short dresses

Short dresses with open back you should choose just girls of low growth. These girls are best suited model is cinched at the waist with a voluminous skirt or a skirt on the figure. In these models the depth of the cut is usually slightly less than the long dresses, however, there are also exceptions.

Fashion from the autumn-winter collections of 2017 is represented by a large number of different dresses have different necklines on the back. Some models only open to the shoulders, others have a slit to the waist, and there are dresses that reveal only a narrow strip of the body. Also on the back can be all kinds of straps or woven belts.

Evening dresses

Evening dresses Haute couture that reveal the back, capable of your lucky winner to get straight to keep your back that will get noticed all around. Many fashion designers offer excellent models of evening dresses with open back.

These dresses will be a perfect choice for various celebrations. They will be able to perfectly complement the chain and pendant or long string of pearls that would hang to mid back.

Buying such a dress, be sure to consider the fact that halter is more complicated than the neckline, because your back no eyes, so you can’t be completely sure that you back everything is in order.

Tips on choosing dresses with open back

•Pay attention to the condition of your skin. On your back there should be no rashes, acne or acne, as well as other defects, because they can spoil your image. Some may not like it even a normal mole, so if you want to make on others the best impression, you should really evaluate what kind of skin you have on the back. Unable to correct small defects are powder and shimmering powder.

•You should also pay attention to your figure. In closed models of dresses extra pounds may be subtle, but open back, immediately open all your folds and weight.

•Follow proper posture. If you’re constantly slouching, you need to pick a different dress, because the owner dresses with open back needs to have a Royal posture.

•Buy dresses simple cut, a minimum of decoration that is sewn with luxurious fabrics.

•If you do decide to wear a dress, opening your back and shoulders, carefully pick him bra. The best option would be a bra that has silicone on the back insert. Also can fit in the bra, which has no back clasps. But this bra in some cases can break away from the breast, so you have to be very careful not to be trapped.

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