Fashion coats – 2017/2017

Very soon will come the cold. Someone is sad because of the fact that summer vacation is behind us, and someone wants to wear my new and very fashionable coat. Our women to cold is no stranger, and although winters now are warmer, the coat is still the dream of every fashionista.


Looking trendy winter collections of different designers, we have concluded that the most popular this season will be long fur. Fur most other common Fox, Fox and Lama. As for the sheepskin, it also needs to be loose and curls. This season you will be able to fully wrap ourselves in sheepskin. However, if you are short in stature, it is best sheepskin only use as accessories.

Also common and short fur, as a broadtail and mink that still look luxurious. No one can get past the shimmer of curls or luxurious broadtail mink coat. At fashion shows this season there were a lot of coats from Karakul, or «Karakul».

Also popular are wolf raccoon fur coats. To some they may seem wild, however they are very trendy and quite nice. In addition, this season’s coats with combinations of different types of fur.


Among a wide variety of models and forms of coats from fashion collections this season another others there are comfortable three-dimensional model, which will not only replenish your winter wardrobe, but also keep you warm in the cold. In addition, the actual continues to be and fur vest, for example, as bright and comfortable as the model from Roksanda.

This season is not necessary to buy a fur coat to the floor. On the contrary, at fashion shows often models the length from the thighs and just below the knee.


Colored coats go into the shadows, returning to the podium. However, in the new season bright fur is so popular that often coats use complicated patterns and bright colors. When buying a fur coat many people prefer the classic model, brown or black. But you should look for unusual colors or print. This season the choice is huge.

In Soviet Union a fur coat, even artificial, to by was extremely difficult. Since then many things have changed, and fur coats have become much more affordable. You can opt for a luxurious long fur coat or fur vest for a suitable length, and can buy bright Fox fur or a model of a different color.

With what mix?

This season on the catwalks it was possible to meet fur coats, different fur, different models and lengths. Choose the coat that you most come and don’t forget to complement her fashionable footwear, clothing and accessories.

For example, will look great fur vest in combination with long gloves and belt, or a cropped vest made of Fox fur with the pencil skirt and shoes with heels. Maybe you will like the oversized coat with tights or trousers with padded ankle or Cape fur combined with narrow trousers. Also very nice to look at fur vest or short coat with a turtleneck and skinny jeans, and a voluminous fur coat with sneakers.

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