Fashion camouflage hoodies – 2017

Fashion camouflage hoodies – 2017

Very comfortable and warm hoodies in our closet for such a long time after they have ceased to be subject to exceptionally sporty. The hoodie is a very common piece of clothing that has many varieties.

One of the most original versions is a sweatshirt in a camouflage style. This model combines two trendy trend.


Sweatshirt call free knitted sweater with long sleeves. Classical models hoodies have an average length and pockets do not have zippers and the hood. Currently, there are several models of sweatshirts, which are characterized by different structural elements.

•Cropped sweatshirts models prefer young girls who go to a fitness club or run. The shirt can look really tempting, not going beyond the sports style.

•Hoodies are called oversized loose long sweater, complemented with wide sleeves. These models, like hers, effectively sit on the figure and emphasize its elegance and harmony.

•Hoodie is one of the most popular nowadays sweatshirts. They represent elongated jackets with metal zippers that have a hood embellished with fur. Hoodies are very warm, they can even be worn with outerwear.

•Club jackets. These jackets are something in-between jacket in sporty style and a sweatshirt. Often the sleeves and body have such hoodies are in different colors. It can be patch on the chest and collar.

•Sweatshirt with camo sleeves can be made in different models. This option is preferred by those who do not dare to wear a sweatshirt in military style, but I prefer to use this print measured. Also this print can be used in accessories.

With what mix?

Camouflage items can be combined not only with jeans and also khaki clothes. This option is the most obvious. You can combine this sweatshirt with almost all items of your wardrobe. It can be brown, beige and green colors, and also clothing of black, gray and white.

If you prefer bright, bold decisions, use contrasting combinations. For example, will look great sweatshirt with shorts or skirts, and also shoes or boots with heels. The shoes can be in the military or sporty style.

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