Trendy buckle women’s clothes

Not all, unfortunately, know how to appreciate the importance of fasteners in the stylish and modern image. Meanwhile, their role, according to the designers, is very high. Moreover, they must be fashionable and beautiful in themselves, they need to know how to undo, and no less skillfully done.

In fact, the original purpose of the fasteners was purely practical — to keep the clothes and not allow it to dissolve in that moment, when she needs to protect the wearer from the elements or prying eyes of others. When our ancestors began to replace hides to dress in woven garment needed, as well as holds the item. First, his role was done lacing, then studs, and other fasteners. . . and finally, there were all the familiar and favorite zip.

Not thunder, but lightning!

When a person met with this very convenient and practical zipper? Long ago, in the late nineteenth century. Her appearance and we owe the engineer from the United States, Whitcomb Leonard Judson. I must say that when she went on sale, its quality left much to be desired. It wasn’t until the lightning does not «upgrade» to another engineer, Gideon Sundback. From that moment the lightning, in the usual modern man, began its triumphal March around the world, becoming the undisputed leader among the fasteners.

Of course, the discovery of hard working engineers to appreciate the masters of high fashion. When choosing fittings should be aware that lightning can give your image a unique charm, the style, but it also can negate all the efforts and make the kind of taste.

What is fashionable now? Coat zipper (usually two or three on one thing), trousers and lace-up jacket with snap fasteners-Velcro. Buttons -only design, top craftsmanship, in which do not need any other accessories. .

As for bags and shoes, the closure should bear a functional load, and at the same time to be stylish and discreet. Not only lightening, are quite suitable buttons, buttons, or rivets.


In the pursuit of a fashionable and stylish look advised not to abuse all sorts of buttons-rivets, otherwise the impression will be quite different from expected. It is better to follow the rule that the clasps on the clothes and accessories are «one family», for example the lace-up Shoe provides a bag with a similar lacing. From dresses with open closure should be abandoned if it is not the intention of the designer.

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