Fashion blazers – 2017

Fashion blazers – 2017

In the world of fashion has long been the main place is taken by simplicity and style. That is why in every woman’s wardrobe is bound to have at least one blazer.

What is the blazer?

A clear description of the blazer is still a very difficult. The name comes from the name of the English captain of the cruiser blazer that his ship entered a form, which was blue-white jacket with vertical stripes.

Originally, the blazer was the uniform worn by members of various elite Golf club, the employees of the airlines and the staff of luxury hotels. Nowadays, jacket has become part of fashion images.

We can say that the blazer is a fashionable one — or double-breasted jacket with pockets, and often with metal buttons.

Blazer and jacket: main differences

Modern fashion practically erased the line between these two similar items of clothing. However, the differences between them still exist.

The modern blazer:

•Has pockets, which may be two or more;

•Boxy fit;

•Metal buttons in two rows. Although current models may not be buttons at all;

•No patches on the elbows.


•Classic. The data model of the blazers best for office style. Slim models of the blazer, buttons which are located at the level of the waist will give your figure femininity. Even the classic model fashion designers often made from colourful materials.

•Sports. These blazers are different from the classical fact that they have the same pants.

These models are made of quite thin fabrics, finer than the materials of the jackets.

Sports blazers may be one or two slots, which is not the case in the sports model jackets.

•Sleeveless. This jacket is best suited for summer. These blazers can be decorated with buttons, zippers or pockets on the buttons. They can be made in different colors.

Popular blazers classic colors such as black, brown and white. And may be even bright colors such as blue, orange, turquoise or coral.

•Summer. From the winter options for summer blazers differ only in the tissue from which they are made. And the color of summer blazers can also be more vivid.

•Peplum. On the blazer peplum may be in the form of brooches, ribbons or straps. This model is more suitable for slender girls.

Full girls more suitable model with a peplum, which has print, best large. In this blazers they will look slimmer.


•Tweed. This fabric is made from wool threads dyed in different colors.

The colors may be different, may be blazer in a large square, and may be in «a goose pad». Also a tweed blazer can have a round collar and asymmetric buttons. In these models, combines several colors.

Tweed blazers pattern should combine solid things, such as pencil skirt or trousers.

The blazers entered the female wardrobe with a light hand Gabrielle Chanel, who included them in the pantsuit.

•Knit. These blazers can be as plain or multiple colors.

Girls with magnificent forms should stretch knit blazer to choose with care. It would be better if it will be one size bigger, then the girl will look slimmer.

Fashion blazers – 2017

•The jeans. Light denim blazers will be simply indispensable cool summer evenings. They can be decorated with lace, embroidery or patches.

They can also be sleeveless.

•Len. Linen blazers are made from natural linen with the addition of elastane, in this case, the product will not lose its appearance. Such blazers can have buttons and can be without them.

Most of these blazers are beige and white. But some ladies prefer bright shades such as mint or coral.

•Knitted. An indispensable and versatile item of your wardrobe will be a knitted blazer. It will make you warm in the cool autumn evening. Knitted blazer in their fine threads suitable for cool summer evenings. Most often knitted blazers made in the form of the classic models with patch pockets.

•Leather. Leather never goes out of fashion. That is why fashion designers blazers are made of genuine leather. Blazers and jackets of leather are very similar. Most often they are made in classic colors such as brown, black or white.

•Velvet. This season is very fashionable are the things of velvet, which must be a minimum of decor, because velvet and already looks very much. Velvet look fat, so the blazers suited slender girls. Choose velvet blazers in dark colors.

How to choose the right jacket?

In order for the blazer to look effectively, it is necessary to choose the right.

•Be sure to specify the size, it must match the grid size of the country in which it is made. The jacket should sit well on the figure, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

•The length of the blazer should be up to the middle of the buttocks to make it look more stylish.

•Interior seams should be neat.

•Shoulders only further increase the shoulders and give you massive. Therefore they are not suitable for the fuller figure «Apple».

•When trying on the jacket, fasten it on the middle button.

•Full girls will suit blazers with the lapels, which can offset the proportions of your body.

Spectacular images

For summer it is better suited blazer deep blue. It will complement the blue denim shorts and white top. If you want to bring to your image a little romance, add a thin string of turquoise beads.

On a romantic date wear the crimson blazer, white t-shirt and ripped jeans. For greater romance, add colored beads, this boho. This way, you must complete clutch with leopard print. On your feet wear pumps with heels.

Blazer is white with a black collar with skinny jeans and a blouse of white color are perfect for the classic and business style. Finish your look with bright shoes with black vamp and a drawstring. Choose from precious or semi-precious stones.

Youth style create with the help of white blouses in a large pea, skirt-skater yellow and white blazer. Complete your look brown large bag.

For an evening out, select a velvet blazer, white shirt and skinny pants. Flavor to the image, add a velvet butterfly bow ties.

As a casual ensemble fit skinny jeans, t-shirt and olive green tweed blazer. Complete your look with a pendant on a long chain and bracelet are made of metal.

For summer perfect white blazer sleeve u, as well as cropped pants and top in white. Dilute this white bow black sandals and a small purse.

If you want to create a sporty, choose a white top and red jacket and knit pants drawstring waist coat and black hat.

For office style more suited pencil skirt and red blazer.

A grey tweed blazer, boyfriend and longclaw create a unique youth image

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