Fashion bags this fall

Bags powdery shades

More popular in the warm time of year powdery and dusty-pink shades will be relevant also in the autumn. Various models of handbags, clutches, backpacks, totov we can meet in the collections of almost all fashion designers. They perfectly complement the beautiful beige cloak or coat made of camel wool. However, it should not tonal bags to match your shoes. Much more interesting would be to look shoes coffee shades.

Handbags with fringe

Fashion boho style continues to gain momentum, so the cult of the fringe continues. If you haven’t purchase this model of bag or backpack, now is the time to do it. In the fall, this bag will look great with suede duffle coat, hat and shoes on heels.

Bags with ruffles

After the summer, the autumn season moved also bags with ruffles. In the fashion collections were presented dresses, tops and shoes with the same decor. I now turn to the bags. There are many variations of such bags, as well as a large selection of colors. You should choose the one which will have you in mind.

Bags with rich decor

If your bag is more reminiscent of the author’s art-object, so you this fall in trend. Designers are just strewn clutches and small handbags all sorts of crystals, sequins, beads, flowers and other decor. In the selection of evening accessories should be guided by the principle of «the rich». Of course, the dress and shoes in combination with such a bag must be sufficiently restrained, or in the style of jazz of the twenties or the seventies style disco.

Bags decorated with pearls

If a large amount of decor you are confused and you need a good clutch, you can opt for patterns, decorated with pearls. This fall will be in fashion small handbags or clutch bag embroidered with pearls, as well as the everyday model of toutou with a pearl decoration. Sometimes pearl is used as a fastener for the clutch.

Bags in the form of animals

Throughout the fall and winter you will be warm all kinds of leopards, dogs, cats and other wildlife. It is not clear that fashion designers have not played enough in childhood soft toys, it is such a strange way decided to immortalize their Pets, but the fact remains. These bags look pretty funny, and the mood of others, they will be able to raise.

Tote bags with pockets

One of the most popular motifs that has come to us from the military style, there are pockets. Fashion designers are not limited to just backpacks, but added this detail in a variety of models of bags. Some models are decorated with real pockets, and some imitation. But if you are tired of constantly in my bag to look for something, you will definitely be able to evaluate such models.

Bags strict form

This fall will be in fashion all kinds of models simply bags. Also in Vogue are models, made in the style of student portfolios. Very popular is the patent leather, the bright colors and different decor. Many popular models simply bags are more like books or diaries. Of course, many such bags will not believe, but they look very impressive. These bags should be worn with clothes in business style and heels.

Round bags

Round or spherical bags may not be the most practical, but they look very unusual. In these nonstandard models, designers prefer to use non-standard materials such as wood, felt, mother of pearl or plastic. Here may be the animal theme.

Bags with tassels

Designers offer us this fall, bags that are decorated with a tassel. This trend is the same as the fringe, but it looks a little bit tougher. For this you even do not need to buy a new bag, you can decorate any bag thumb in the form of a brush.

Bag color metallic

Popular this season color metallic remind us of the futuristic collections of the sixties. Many fashion designers used this trend in their collections, including the bags. The beauty of these models is that they can help us to create a trendy image in the style of retro-futurism, but also successfully fit into any other style.

Will look great in combination with volumetric parkay backpack metallic colors, or with an evening outfit, a small gold or silver clutch bag and bronze color will complement your casual look.


If you are adorning their school bags with a variety of badges, decals or stripes, then this autumn is the time to do it. It is best to decorate it backpacks, but bags can also are interested to look after your creativity.

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