Fashion bags spring-summer 2017

Fashion bags spring-summer 2017

Handbags are the finishing touch of your style. Without this accessory, even the most fashionable and thought out ensemble to look complete. Designers release new bags at the beginning of each season. They are all different styles, models and are suitable for different styles. In the season spring-summer of 2017 presents the following handbag:

Handbags with fringe

Handbags with fringe is one of the main trends of spring-summer season of 2017. Fringe can be different: long and short, placed beneath, at the sides and even on the belts, in the form of obtainig edges and tassels. In fashion collections fringe adorns many of the bags, making them the main focus of the image.

Bags in the shape of a Crescent

Fashion bags in the shape of a Crescent found among the soft bags hobo. However, this season this form is used for a rigid frame bags that have clean lines. In the collection of Victoria Beckham presented bags in the shape of a Crescent, but she went ahead and increased the bags to large sizes.

Bags metallic colors

On accessories the craze futurism is also not affected. Excellent Shine and texture designers used to create collections of fashionable bags, which are cast from the catwalks bronze, gold or silver. This bag may not be suitable only for special, but for everyday office looks.

Bag with handle in the form of a loop

Most often, design experiments relating to also and colors and accessories bags. This season they offer us to hold your handbag by the handle and over the loop. These bags are even used for evening handbags and clutches. The loop can be on bags, in many shapes, it can be worn on the arm or hold my purse for this loop.

Miniature handbags

Of course, women in their purses prefer to wear many sorts of things. However, this lady can feel with just a tiny purse. It can be handbags in the form of small boxes or purses. Of course, in a handbag many things not fit, but it will give your image of femininity. It is difficult to imagine of romantic lady with a huge suitcase or carrying bag. You can even contrary to all tradition to choose this petite handbag for everyday. It is not very practical, but so fashionable.

Bags on chains

Bags on chains came into fashion a few decades ago. However, today designers use is a good solution and create new original models. In the spring and summer season of 2017 will be the chains that adorn the flaps of the bags, short handle in the form of plastic chains, and fringe in the form of chains.

Round bags

Bag round shape, it may be not the most comfortable but bright and stylish. Round bags can be bright youth, dressy evening and even strict office. Might bag this shape is super-popular and will not, however, to draw the attention to you will definitely help.

Bags with long handle

Such bags are very practical and comfortable, you can wear them in different ways. Form bags with a long strap can also be different: bags-bags,-envelopes, roomy enough bags toty and hobo. Designers this season have suggested a new way of wearing a handbag: a small handbag with a long strap worn in the hand.


Are popular this season a geometric shape could not affect the bags. In fashion again rigid frames, straighter corners and clean lines which best embodied in these fashionable this season. bags-boxes. However, this season bags-the box is not only harsh, but also decorated with various fashionable prints, embroidery, rhinestones, fun decals, and appliques that may be able to compensate for the severe form of bags boxes.

Bags snake print

Designers loved the exotic beauty of Python skin, and they are here for several seasons, not reduce it from the catwalks. One time they combined snake print with other materials or paint it in bright colors. However, this season the snake print has appeared before us in its natural form or in the classic black and white. Sometimes there are also painted in the classic colors of snake prints.

Unusual bags

Absolutely unusual and unexpected models of bags this season were represented, even designers who prefer the classic style in accessories. Bags in the form of roundabouts, jugs, dogs, flowers and even the kitchen plates — this is not a complete list of original bags that are in fashion this summer. Perhaps the designers this year decided to fool around.

Geometric patterns

Let this season’s fashion color-block takes in fashion are all kinds of bright colors accessories. This trend is represented mainly in the form of geometric prints on bags, some of which are made in the style of patchwork.

Hard bags with short handles

Vintage review in the form of a rigid short handle handbags red thread passed through the fashionable collections of leading designers. Such handles are most often complement the classic model bags with clear concise lines. These pens perfectly fit the bags-cases and bags-boxes. But such a handle in combination with a clutch bag will be unexpected, but no less successful solution. This season will be very common hardwood and bamboo handle.


Ladies love bags-bags for their practicality, so designers constantly use them in a variety of styles, including even business. Bags-bags can be completely different. Bag in people’s style can be decorated with fringe and embroidery, and futuristic style will match the bag with metal polished hardware. The classic style will fit this accessory is made of natural skin color.

Fur bags

Although fur is an unusual material for the warm season, all fashion designers included it in their spring / summer collection. This accessory will look weird with linen clothes or with a light dress.

In General, spring and summer 2017 is characterized by the popularity of unusual accessories that will be the emphasis of your image. You can feel free to experiment in search of the perfect option for themselves, all experiments in this season are welcome.

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