Fashion advice from Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion advice from Diane von Furstenberg

Tips for real women from Diane von Furstenberg:

1. I beg you, spend your money only on the multifunction things. That is, buy a beautiful dress that you could wear a dress or together with others. This will allow you to get 2 things, but you will get them at the same price.

2. In most cases, men’s opinions about women’s wardrobe in very rare cases, coincide with our opinion. Many men simply can not tolerate the long trips to the shops, considering them a waste of time. But in some cases, a man’s opinion is objective, and if he says that dress suits You, be 100% sure that this dress looks good on you, it’s what you should buy.

3. If you don’t have a sense of style, it is best to listen to some tips of shopping or to invite the person who has a certain style.

4. Before heading to the shopping tour go through your closet, that you don’t buy similar things.

5. In order not to become a victim of fashion, you need to think carefully before buying that thing. For example, if we want to buy a very expensive shirt, we think this shirt will wear for long time and it will go perfectly with other things, but this may not be always the case. After a while, you may find that you wear the shirt very rare, compared to other clothing.

6. It is not necessary to save money on accessories. Shoes and bags play a special role in creating your image. That means that they should be of high quality.

7. Before you go shopping, you must review and familiarize yourself with the basic trends of fashion, but also read some tips designers. Always easier when you have a certain trendy way. You should never buy something you are not 100% sure.

In most cases, the thing you acquired insecure to be abandoned and forgotten. When choosing clothes, remember that it must be not only beautiful but also comfortable and practical.

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