Fashion 50-ies

Fashion history, is not very predictable and it is compared to the Woman. Fashion is very contradictory and capricious, sometimes to the point of absurdity, but she is always on top. It is likely, she may attract many fans.

Fashion 50-ies

In the mid-twentieth century was a very popular style of French fashion designer Christian Dior, which was called New Look — new vision, new look. What you need to see in a new way? This is of course, the female essence. This new direction was preceded by the second world war. It changed the idea of the image of women. She provided him with cruelty and sharpness, which is not peculiar to women.

After the war, began to recover and factories, and cities, and harmony in relationships between people and within people. And a new fashion trend, aimed at a brilliant manifestation of femininity is an exact example of the «Renaissance».

Fashion 50-ies

Dior how would compare the silhouette of the pores of the war with its the complete opposite of the «hourglass» silhouette, which is highly stressed nature of the woman and idealized tenderness and sensuality.

The ideal romantic image of a Belle of the fifties was considered a high and ample bosom, slim waist, wide hips and soft sloping shoulders.

The ideal woman and future mother, who will restore life after the war years. Women tried these settings and it gave a second life to corsets that have been able to pull the waist up to fifty centimeters for those who possessed average height, but still was full-bodied, this is quite a serious test. Of course the obligatory outfits for fans fashion was considered a slim bodice and skirt crinoline in it in order to reach the splendor of the hips, women were often sewn in lining and used the lower skirts. In Nov used corsets used whalebone, this material is more suited to save the form. Beauty, as it is known, demands victims, and women sacrificed themselves in order to comply with the generally accepted canons.

After the war years returned to fashion and high heels. Shoes high heels women tried to appear everywhere, in addition, considered for good tone, if a woman wore such shoes at home. Bright makeup, frequent visits to the hairdresser are indispensable attributes of women who wanted to become even more attractive. And fifties styled bright red lipstick.

Fashion 50-ies

The most symbolic examples of the beauties of that time, fully fit the beauty standards of European Actresses movie: gorgeous Sophia Loren and shocking Marilyn Monroe and domestic Moody Lyudmila Gurchenko, which was the ideal sought by the whole generation of the Soviet girls.

Dresses from the fifties was like a blossoming flower Bud — a wide skirt that covers my knees, could go up to forty meters of fabric. Length sleeves on these dresses were ¾ as before, and 7/8. And in everyday life there are gloves and hats made of cloth, which in the summer you could move the eyes, and cold weather to move to the back of the head. This kind of fashion trends have tried to adhere to many.

At the time, expressed an interest in women’s jewelry, particularly jewelry with artificial stones and jewelry made of plastic. Yet it was fashionable to wear sunglasses that were decorated with rhinestones.

Fashion 50-ies

The fifties gave the world such an invention as Capri, which is suffering a lot of modifications, but remained in our everyday life to this day.

The fifties also are considered times when it was born on fashion factory things or pret-a-porter. Gradually factory-made things became popular and women no longer needed the services of tailors, and bought things in shops.

In the fifties in Europe competed among themselves two of the great designer is Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. From this kind of struggle, the fashion world has only enriched and acquired new models of women’s clothing.

And in the Soviet Union at this time, it was the epoch mods. Young people declared their protest against the grindstone, and copied the bright and unusual fashion items in the West. Women’s dresses of bright colors, with skirts and had a wide belt, their ladies Union tied in a bow. Today, the fashion of the fifties in some degree comes back, this brings to us the best that was our grandmothers.

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