Fancy dress in the style of baby doll – 2017

Fancy dress in the style of baby doll – 2017

Style baby dollars are very popular with today’s youth. These clothes are cute and Flirty, they add to the fragility of every girl.

Appearance style

Dresses in the style of baby doll appeared after 1956 film «baby Doll» in which the main heroine won her appeal, defenseless, and childlike.

The women looked at her dress and realized that they are more seductive than those of a strict and closed the outfits that they wore. After the film’s release began to spread patterns, which gave an opportunity for everyone to sew the same dress as the main character. Formed a new style, and women all over the world immediately fell in love with the new dresses, which are popular among fashionistas until now.


Dress in this style will suit most fragile and petite girls and tall and slender women. This dress emphasizes a slim figure. Dress style baby doll should not be put on women after thirty-five years, and girls with curvaceous.

Key features

Dresses baby doll style are coquetry, femininity and charm. And these outfits are no unnecessary eroticism and even a hint of vulgarity.

The main features of these dresses:

•Gentle length. Such a dress should be below the knees, but more number of dresses much above the knee, approximately twenty to thirty centimeters.

•The skirt is lush and flared.

•Skirt is multi-layered.

•Most often it is dress with a high waist or dress style-line.

•Neckline can be as public or private, and in some cases with transparent inserts.

•Hands in this dress should remain open. The most popular styles of sleeves have lights and wings.

•These dresses often have a bright color or print.

•Attractive decor.


The color scheme of the dresses in the style of baby $ is characterized by a richness and zhizneradostnoy. The most common color is pink.

Popular yellow, lilac, blue, peach and blue. Rare dresses in dark or neutral colors. If I sew a dress of dark fabric, it is combined with the fabric in polka dot print or decorate this dress with rhinestone or lace


For making dresses in the style of baby doll, used light and translucent fabric, such as chiffon, silk, guipure, lace, and other.

In addition, these dresses are generously decorated with lace, sequins, ribbons, rhinestones, ruffles, ruffles and other decor.

Where to go?

Most of all, this dress fits:

•For summer walks.

•For a fun party.

•For prom.

•For the wedding.

•For a romantic date.

This dress will not fit for office, business meetings and other formal events.

For pregnant women

Dresses in the style of baby $ great for pregnant women, as some models are made with a high waist. In dresses of this style expectant mothers will be very convenient, they can also hide interesting position.

What combination of dresses in the style of baby doll.

Short dress baby doll can also be worn with colored leggings or skinny jeans. Well can complement this outfit with denim jacket. In cold weather this dress can be supplemented with a short coat or coat.


Under the dress in the style of baby doll fit bag-an envelope, and a colored handbag or an elegant clutch, embellished with rhinestones or lace.

Fit to this dress with pastel or bright colors costume jewelry.

Don’t wear with such a dress scarf, and a chunky jewelry, big bags or wide belt.


Usually dress baby $ carry shoes or sandals with lots of straps or the shiny models

kitten heel or high heels, can also be in these models, open heel or socks.

You can also use colored or white ballet shoes.


Dresses in the style of baby doll will fit slightly kids hairstyles like ponytails, braids or curls. Can complement your hair bows, headbands or bright Bobby pins.

Not suitable for such dress, a sophisticated high styling.

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