Fabulous bag of Ante Kovac

Many women love an exclusive dress created in small quantities or even in single instance. Therefore, these women can also like bags from the fashion collection SKAZKI presented popular Russian brand of Ante Kovac.

Who in the childhood did not dream to go to fairyland «Thumbelina» or «Alice in Wonderland»? Remember when you grandma reading stories, and you listened and dreamed to be in place of your favorite heroine. And, maybe, you fantasized about the journey, together with the Bremen town musicians?

Childhood fairytales have taught us the most good, we are immersed in a world of magic and fantasy, as well as develop imagination, intrigue, inspire and excite. Similarly, the Russian brand of Ante Kovac produces handmade leather goods, can not resist the magical effect of fairy tales.

All the collection of Ante Kovac — it is art and imagination. This brand has its own atmosphere, is closely associated with magical and fabulous atmosphere. When you get into a boutique of this brand, you can find yourself in a unique and magical world, where bags live separate lives. And here it seems quite natural that the brand appeals to the theme of fairy tales.

Every thing from the new collection of this brand looks like a living illustration of children’s books. In one campaign have gathered here all your favorite fairy-tale characters such as the March hare and the Cheshire cat, Thumbelina, puss in boots, the Bremen town musicians, the Crane and the Fox and the crow and the Owl from the fables of Krylov.

In this collection you will definitely find one that you will like. Lovers of bright colorful flowers will definitely appeal to bag # 47 Alisa, decorated with bright bouquets or clutch bag and «the Bremen town musicians».

Fans of minimalism will love the bags No. 29 and No. 7, «Dodo», which is decorated with only vintage chevrons depicting the theme of fairy tales, under the inspiration of which they were created. But if you appreciate the harmony of richness and minimalism, you will love bags that are made under the impression from the tale «Thumbelina» as well as feminine and sophisticated handbag No. 19 and No. 45 «Tommelise».

Accessories in the new collection can be worn in any season and any mood. Optimal autumn option would be bags made inspired by the fable «the Fox and the Crane», which is done in orange and brown tones, which in cold weather will warm you with its cozy warmth.

Also for the cold season can come handbag No. 7 «Dodo, similar to cold gray-blue sky model №45 «Owl and Raven», presented in olive and smoky hints. If you want something bright, juicy, you should pay attention to the handbag which is called the «Queen’s Croquet» with a picture of pink flamingos. This model is ideal to paint the cold season vivid palette.

Handbags of this brand are manufactured in the workshop of the Moscow professional designers and artists. The drawings are applied to bags by hand, with awe and love. Maybe it is the love that the artists put into making each and every purse, and will allow you to animate fairy tale character who is depicted there. You will only need to turn on your imagination. With this purpose, the brand Ante Kovac and created his own fashionable collection of handbags called «Skazki», which will fit and open and receptive girls who want to join the world of celebration, magic and fantasy.

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