Errors of style, which you might not know

You know that you need to wear clothes according to their age and size. Although, apparently, in the Moscow metro such requirements impracticable. You know what «footsies» protruding above the shoes is evil, and sandals with white socks for men.

However, there are more common mistakes. Only the majority of the population they are somehow not considered. For example, don’t mix different shades of black. Black is a universal color, but four things in different shades of black «crow wing», «the deaf man», a «washed out» and grey-black combination look very messy and not universal.

Multiple patterns in a single image

The conversation is not about such edge cases, like a snake’s skin plus boots with Zebra and leopard print. Still, there is common sense. Most likely it is ordinary accessories spoil the captured image. As we wear their «habit». Favorite scarf with a pattern «Paisley» you habitually clothed with a short jacket, and from under it you can see the plaid skirt…

She lingerie line

Underwear there are difficulties. It should be combined with the color (by the way, question: how to choose kit in white blouses and skirts black? ), as well as to be the same texture. Linen can’t peek out from under clothing ( women’s panties peeking out of jeans jokingly called whale tail, whale tail). It should never stand out under clothing! Though to go entirely without underwear else neprilichnye.

To wear day clothes in the evening

So often dressed in women’s groups employee boring jobs in offices. Or they want to draw attention only to men, or try to escape early to the party from work. Dress up tank tops with sequins, lurex, rhinestones or «evening» materials from silk to velvet, bows and shoes of satin. Fluorescent lights turn it into a nightmare.

Expectations repetition

We’ve learned that fashion is periodic and we know that from year to year, she returned again and again to different decades of the past centuries. For some reason we leave the clothes out of fashion materials (flannel shirt, acid-washed denim jacket, corduroy pants) and old style (and certainly you have shoes with pointed or square toes? ). Of course, you do not want to disappoint you, but not going back in the near future. Moreover, they come in a different form.

Urban sports wear

It is clear that it is very comfortable. I often run out to the garage in the fur vest and underwear. I am ashamed of it. But I never wear in the city with Hiking sandals, bike glasses with glasses orange, dvadtsatimetrovy backpacks «under the tent» and a jacket for mountain tourism. «I have my own style and I will therefore not follow the fashion». In our list this is the main mistake.

One day, in one of the online communities one girl asked how the participants follow the fashion trends. Maybe read magazines? You can go on the Internet? Blogging about fashion? Look at the directories in the boutiques? . . Many people began to respond on the subject matter, but the majority of the comments began to perk up: «serves your own style and taste, so I don’t need to follow fashion». I’m not too lazy to go through the logs commentators and looking at their photos (I was terribly interesting to evaluate the style of clothing, not appearance). Here is the conclusion I came to: we need to follow the fashion necessarily, even if you have your own taste and style. This is very important.

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