Emo style

Not all people know that the word emo, has British origins. It comes from the English word emotional, which means emotional. This translation has stories to tell. For example, people claiming to be such a group, a different attitude to the clothing and many of the concepts which for us is the rule.

I love to wear emo

First of all, the clothes of black colors. It is this difference of this group is often immediately apparent. It should be noted that the garment still has a small amount of other colors. As a rule, they are bright and even causing.

Emo can inflict themselves wounds on his hands. To cover them, they wear armlets. Often, however, if by chance they take this piece of clothing and show their scars to other people.

Emo can determine if a guy is very skinny jeans. It often happens that the guy just «borrowed» them from his sister. They love the rivets on the pants and other metal parts.

The strangeness of the nature of emo

Photographed representatives of this group of people is wrong, as do most people. They show the photographer is only one side of his face. The impression that they are ashamed of their appearance. You will not find this emo, who’d be smiling when being photographed. After talking with them, many come to the conclusion that emo no self-respect to yourself. Yes, and common sense in actions, many did not find. However, emo is, as they say, do not care. After all, they live in their own world and do not seek to be understood.

The society has long had the impression that these reserved people, just a persistent severe depression. As a rule, are young people. Becoming emo, many girls and guys succumb to drug addiction, can begin to damage your body and do a lot of nefarious activities that many members of human society do not understand and, of course, deny.

If you want to find emo

If you want to try to interview representatives of the group emo or just talk to them and try to understand them, you need to know where to look for them. Such places are, of course, though rare. Let’s try to list the places where you can find these people.

On the streets.

1. Try to look emo at the local alleys. However, this is a very dangerous place. So, if you decided to pay a visit there, taking with him a gas canister and could not one.

2. You can catch these people on a swing set at the Playground near your home. What attracts them in these places is unclear. But they are emotional people, and children too.

3. You can find them at various stations, railway and bus stations. Usually they smoke cigarettes, have a characteristic blueberry taste.

4. On the margins of different clubs designed for adults. They behave modestly and try to find remnants of alcohol or food.

The emo style

In stores.

1. Music stores. Emo, like all people sometimes buy different records.

2. Stores that sold books. The group emo love to read or watch the logs with animation. You should be careful. If you come off emo from his classes, he can respond to your actions very emotionally. How? It’s very simple. He can use the blade that he has in his pocket. Emo can’t stop that he is in a public place.

3. Department stores. It also places which can be attended by the representatives of this exotic group.

Other places where you can meet emo.

1. Of the gate.

2. Concerts. They are easy to identify on the shows, as they stand absolutely motionless. This is different from other listeners. It immediately caught your eye.

3. In the communal toilets.

4. At parties. They should look for in the back room. Here we have to be careful not to confuse emo with Goths. Although careful person will never make the same mistake.

The emo style

Not to be confused with the Goths.

If you try when ready to do a comparison of their culture with the culture of emo, you will receive a resolute rebuff. Although experts on the so-called subculture indicate some common features between these two groups, the representatives of these groups always protest against such a comparison. Or just ignore such thoughts. If emo don’t love ourselves, we the Goths, as is commonly believed, dislike and despise all of humanity. And although these two groups have much in common, for example, the desire to depression, romantic attitude to death, love to clothing in black tones, there are many differences between goth and emo.

They participate in these activities, as they have the feeling that they are alienated and fully separated from society. but Emo is ready to continue to act, which leads to continual hatred and rejection for these individuals society.

Each psychiatrist may say that this is a very emotional people just need to be understood by society. This is necessary in order to be able to get rid of depression. But they will also agree that the stereotype that they were adopted, outrageous, and a simple notion of cause can lead to even greater depression.

The most common Emo flooring has a male. This is due to the fact that they are more prone to stress disorders as well as they could be rejected by beautiful girls, millet they have a small manhood. Most of the girls that are part of this group, was it because you think you’re ugly, and they are often called «mediocrity». And those girls who have some weight problems, or perhaps those that have a lopsided vagina, excessive hair on the body, as well as just sick people.

— The largest amount of Emo only dream about death (I want to cut my veins), but they can’t decide on this step, therefore, they also continue to cry and whine about everything they don’t like. Because of this, the rest of humanity just wants to kill those horrible whiners, but why waste ammunition on them: it is better to move in their Hummer.

Emo very much afraid of true individuality, like true individualists can see through them. They wear their «immaturity».

— Numerous cool people always relax and have fun, killing, Emo, and eat these people for Breakfast. Just Emo no one likes.

— Emo kids trying to get away from the fact that they don’t like hating while others still stronger, but they do it in computer games. One Emo (the name of which is still unknown) said he «killed a novice.» Since it was the real lie, he was eaten alive by Jacob Nussbaum, and feces, which he looked were burned and buried by Austin Garst.

Emo want to climb on everything that approaches him, in spite of gender or species thereof. So you should be careful.

There are a number of theories on the topic of how the movement formed Emo.

Theory 1. Some people believe that «emo» emerged in the 1980-ies, and «emo» is a shortened name from «emotional hardcore», which ultimately resulted in a modified grindcore punk music. But these people lie, and everyone knows that «emo» means «nervous kids who put on display their photos and laugh at yourself.» As different fat people have confirmed this, it turns out that the above is true.

Theory 2. The first wave of Emo started in Emo, in Lithuania, in the early 1980-ies, the head of which was Emo Phillips. The constant sobs of the Philips with the occasional acoustic punk rhythm engendered thousands of similar groups that were formed throughout the country for several months. Teens and other crazy people were passionate about data. Soon this led to the fact that he was born an emo kid. In the future, this movement began to develop even more, and in the end, the philosophy of early emo kid and philosopher Soren Kirkegaard led to the writing of the book called «Why nobody cares».

The Emo community was very upset and created a massive consolidation, reacting to it:»life makes no sense, and we are very sad to agree with the official position».

Theory 3. Recently, scientists have found that Emo is a way to control the population, formed the UN and the government of America. At the moment the population is very greatly increased, therefore, the two organizations decided to organize emo to follow the growth of the population. The idea of creating this «music» that encourages teenagers to losers to kill themselves, was founded by Tom cruise when he was on ecstasy. This idea became very popular, killing almost 100% of losers worldwide.

For information, all emo vegetarians: but almost nobody knows. It is very common to see an emo who eat salad with a plaintive look look at normal person who AmiNET hamburger.

How to make a hairstyle emo

How to make the emo hairstyle: because otherwise nobody will be able to understand why you are constantly whining in the dark.

The most important steps:

1. If you’re a man you need to grow hair as long as possible, preferably right length to cover his face completely. If you have short hair, and you don’t have time to wait, you should let it grow to mid-noses.

2. If you own a female, you can prune them to the level of the chin, and to add a number uspevshaya hair, or grow them for the smallest waist.

3. It is desirable that the front hair was long, and the back length was shorter.

4. To paint the hair only in black or dark brown color. Make some light strands, so that they possessed orange colour.

5. To divide them into two sides, comb or closed while any part of the face.

6. You can also cut the bangs, but if you had it done yourself, then it can be uneven. Try to get her to stick out in all directions.

Basic tips:

— It is necessary to use a medicinal dye. You need to be completely sure that it is permanent. Otherwise you should say shame if the hair becomes lighter during the day.

— The hair needs to insert random clips. this is especially true of Barreto. Even if you’re male.

— To straighten hair. Have emo hair can be slightly curly, but it will look weird. Hair slightly curly, they have to straighten the front. it looks pretty damn emo.

The emo style

In today’s world there are many subcultures that bring together youth in an informal, depending on the interests and musical preferences. Emo culture, which originates from punk and Gothic, is one of these subcultures. Like many other subcultures, Emo culture is mainly connected with some music. But followers of this culture are trying to be in a certain style of dress and Outlook.

Many people believe that Emo is not just a popular style of dress you prefer underground music is a state of mind. To see you this subculture or not, you need to listen to your feelings. A follower of the Emo culture, as a rule, must be in the doldrums, constantly cry and be pessimistic. This course traces the influence of the Gothic subculture.

However, the supporters of the movement claim that the simply thin to catch the emotions of the world and feel the deep feelings when listening to music in the style of Emo.

Emo music is emotional movement different years, the songs of which includes poignant lyrics, underground and indie music. Today, Emo music is becoming more popular among young people. For example, groups such as Garbage, Tokio Hotel, Silverstain are Prime examples of this trend in music.

In movies Emo prefer anime.

Emo style in clothing is a whole article with a list of rules that should be followed to properly apply itself to the world. Clothes are mainly black colors, which again indicates the influence of the Gothic, but not plentiful addition and other colors, mostly bright pink and purple, indicating a bright emotionality in the world. There are a variety of supplements mostly in the accessories and tartan fabric, clearly showing the influence of punk culture. And so, in the locker room Emo always present skinny jeans, black shirts, sometimes with images of favorite bands. Shoes presented in an avant-garde sporty style, sometimes it’s just sneakers. Girls wear a plaid or black skirt with ruffles of lace.

Of accessories, you can highlight the thick belt, perhaps straps with studs, bracelets and earrings with a variety of Emo symbolism, dark glasses thick horn-rimmed glasses, key rings of enormous size, backpacks and courier bags in dark colors that you can decorate according to their various stripes, badges and plaid ribbons. So, as followers of the Emo culture, you need to think deeply on the surrounding events and been engaged in reflection and receiving the emotions, the regret, it is worth noting that the loneliness of his faithful companion. If some of your friends do not understand, the correct way to tune out the world is to buy thick not necessarily an interesting book and delve into reading somewhere on the sidelines.

As for appearance, the Emo style is characterized by so-called haircuts in Emo style, when the hair on the nape of the neck shorten, and leave the bangs long and covering one eye. The bangs can be dyed in different colors. But the hair are classically black. Be careful with the darkest black when choosing paint. This can lead to unexpected escena purple color. Eyes down thin black pencil. It is used as girls and boys.

The emo style

To understand Emo or not, try to immerse yourself in their world. Listen to Emo music, try the Emo style of dress. You need, first and foremost, skinny black jeans, a t-shirt with a picture of your favorite Emo bands, avant-garde athletic shoes, or biker boots, Emo accessories, belts with metal spikes, black eyeliner and hair dye; all in black and dark colors.

And don’t forget, that under the influx of emotions Emo always crying. If you can not do it, will be useful to split into two parts onion. If having tried all this you will find Emo inside, it is not necessary to openly admit them to your non-emo friends. You may be subject to severe criticism and accusations of posturing. If solitude is not for you, find like-minded people and communicate with other informal groups all the time, and then they’ll know. Don’t forget that Emo style is not just a popular movement, a state of mind.

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