Dresses Oksana Marchenko

The presenter of the popular show «X-factor» Oksana Marchenko became a role model not only because of its magical way, but also a stylish outfit. In the process of rapid growth of its popularity are the images of Oksana began to acquire a more formal style.

Therefore, the best clothing Oksana Marchenko is dresses.

Fashionable and stylish dresses Oksana Marchenko


Dresses Oksana Marchenko are so varied that you can focus on a single dress is very difficult. Still, watching the image of the leading popular, it may be noted that Oksana Marchenko often chooses evening dresses. Among the favorite models Oksana’s better to be mermaid, romantic and cocktail dresses in the style of «baby doll». Beautiful appearance and slim figure, the TV presenter let her wear short dresses reveal beautiful legs, dresses with deep neckline and open shoulders.

The best dresses Oksana Marchenko seriously deserve attention. Of them is to provide a dress the statue from Catherine Shakhovskaya, bright yellow draped long dress, the dress is a raspberry color «Delilah» dress «Powder» with a hand-embroidered corset and lots of ruffles from Quinceanera Yaroslav Kraskina. Unforgettable outfit Oksana Marchenko dress Amazon, in it she led an evening live dedicated to the hits of the ‘ 80s. the Dress is made of leather, covered with a large number of crystals, it is very well emphasized the figure of the presenter.

Dresses Oksana Marchenko countless. All the dresses of the presenter certainly paint. With each new ether Oksana surprised the audience with his new look. And of course the biggest fans of formal style is not to produce new products from Oksana Marchenko, after all, her dresses are beautiful, luxurious and also meet the new fashion trends.

Below in the photo gallery you will see dresses Oksana Marchenko:

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