Dresses for women with a figure «hourglass»

I hasten to please you, our dear ladies! If you have the figure of «hourglass«, then you are very lucky, since you can pick almost any outfit any style of clothing, but the lack of excess weight. Any woman who wants to emphasize the dignity of her figure, and choose one of the following options:

1-wrap Dress or belt;

2-Extravagant silhouette of the dress;

3-womens Dress with collar and the shirt;

4-Dress with V-neck;

5-Items with sleeves «Raglan».

Fashionable and extravagant dresses of solid fabric will help to emphasize the dignity of your figure. Great for this figure fit dress, which is cut on the bias or tight type. As for skirts, they may be flared, and the lower part narrowed. If you are going to purchase the dress shape pencil, it is desirable to ensure that the fabric retains its shape.

As for flared dresses, it is best to choose those that are sewn from airy fabrics to envelop the hip. Materials such as cotton, silk, chiffon and viscose are ideal for this purpose. Also, we advise you to pay attention to dresses that fit the chest, but loose from the hips. Don’t avoid the opportunity to wear slinky dresses, especially if they you go.

In the photo gallery below are models of dresses for your figure «hourglass»:

Dresses for women with a figure

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