Dress with short sleeves

Dress is perhaps the most important attribute of practically every woman’s wardrobe. There are a huge number of dresses of various types and styles for any taste and for any occasion. Today is «Fashionable» will tell about such common attire as dresses with short sleeves.

Short sleeve and it features

Sleeve often plays dress not the last role and is often the key. The type of sleeve may vary and style. So, there are several types of sleeves – set-in, cap, Raglan and combined.

For example, sleeve vtachnoy, is also divided into types. This – sleeve»wings» (very slim, cropped sleeve, which fits from shoulder to armpit), flutter (in the form of a freely flowing flounce on the shoulders), the sleeve-«flashlight» or puff (puff sleeve, often collected in the upper part of the armhole and tapering to the bottom), «Tulip» or «petal» (in the form of two overlapping parts that can be attached or free).

Vtachnoy sleeve summer dresses

Even when the sleeve is in costume does not play a key role, it remains an important part of the whole outfit. Vtachnoy sleeve is present in all models (office dresses, casual, cocktail, and of course the wedding). There are lots of summer dresses with sleeves, which play mainly a decorative role.

For the office or business meetings simply perfect summer dress with short sleeves, but for walking suit outfit with a flared skirt and sleeves,»flashlights» or «wings». And still in the top will always be the little black dress, which exists in different variations.

For summer walks will also be relevant light, knit dresses. These clothes not only look attractive, but also outside the box. In addition, women often choose flared styles with a high waist or sheath.

In this regard, it is worth considering features of the figure

Choosing a model with short sleeves, you should consider a few things – the reason for which is chosen outfit, and, in fact, features of the figure. For example, if a girl with broad shoulders and narrow hips choose straight cut dress with voluminous sleeves, visually her shoulders are even wider.

Consequently, for the office or a casual event perfect simply mid-length dress with short set-in sleeves. Do not forget about accessories and shoes. For a party you can give preference to this floor-length, sleeveless or with short puffed sleeves.

Dresses with cap sleeves

Today is very popular dress with cap sleeves. This kind of model have no seams between the sleeves and back/front. A dress of this style visually make the silhouette more feminine.

Dresses with cap sleeves it is recommended to select women with angular shapes, like a rectangle. If the type of triangle, such a model will visually balance the upper and lower part of the body. Also this style will fit ladies with massive hands.

Do not choose dresses with cap sleeve women round shapes, the round shape of the face or broad shoulders.

Dress short sleeve «Raglan»

Men’s style in women’s clothing maintains its position. Because this style is like no other, gives more femininity and mystery. Raglan sleeve» came to us from a woman’s wardrobe. The name Polo sleeves from the name of General Raglan, who brought into fashion this style, behind which hid lost the battle in hand.

Dresses with short sleeves «Raglan» is to choose when you need to pay attention, to look feminine and comfortable. These styles are recommended for women, full-bodied, with massive hands. In addition, these models are easy to sew yourself.

A dress with a sleeve, it is desirable to combine with a simple straight hem. You should avoid full skirts and great accessories.

Autumn dress short sleeve

Almost every woman has dresses with short sleeve is not only for summer. A model for the more cold seasons also perform a short sleeve. Etc dresses with short sleeve are made of a more dense fabric or knit.

«Fashion» will tell you what is recommended to combine autumn dress with short sleeves.

1. Blouse or shirt. It, depending on the style, can be worn under a dress. Remember, the blouse should be fitted.

2. Elongated or cropped cardigan. In the latter case, the combination with a belt will highlight the waist. Importantly, the cardigan is not too thin, otherwise the seams of the dress will stand out.

3. Jacket. In combination with case is perfect for office style.

In a woman’s wardrobe should be a few short-sleeved dresses of different lengths, texture and style. Only then you can safely create a unique, trendy styles.

Short sleeve wedding dress

Choosing dress for wedding is one of the most difficult and unique. The modern wedding industry is many styles of this festive outfit. Recently sleeve wedding dress was a rare phenomenon. Girls favored shoulder. Now more and more brides choose dresses with short sleeves.

There are several styles of wedding outfits.

1. Style elongated. This kind of dress is recommended for girls with perfect shoulders and slender arms. This model visually pulls the dress and slightly covers the top of the shoulder.

2. Style «balloon». This dress with sleeves made of very thin fabric in the shape of a ball, perfect skinny girls. Others this model is not recommended.

3. Style «Petal». Here the sleeves consist of two parts, one of which is superimposed over the other. Wedding dress with this style of sleeve is very feminine, it is necessary to choose girls who want to disrupt the attention to the shoulders and arms.

Long wedding dress with short sleeves is a balance of openness and modesty. Such models are ideal for wedding.

Wedding dress with short sleeve can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the shoulders. And the lace inlay can turn an ordinary dress into a delicate and luxurious at the same time.

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